HSY launches affordable festive collection

KARACHI: With the current state of economy, there is a wide gap in what we want and what we can afford. For women, that is especially felt when it comes to clothes. Considering the price tags attached to some articles of clothing, it seems as though designers are unaware of just how unaffordable their clothes have become. However, that’s not the case for one particular designer. Hassan Shehryar Yasin, who is more popularly known as HSY, has done what no designer thought of and that is launch affordable festive wear. Here is all that you need to know that you need to know about the HSY affordable festive wear collection.

The collection, called Rehana, has been named after the designer’s mother, someone who he has time and again talked about and given credit to for his success. HSY announced the affordable festive wear collection in a video where he explained that the collection embodies certain principles that his mother instilled in him: love, strength, patience, bravery and beauty. He went on to explain that, keeping in mind these virtues, he has also chosen four women to represent his campaign of affordable festive wear. HSY also acknowledges how difficult the economic situation is and how he wants his collection to be for all women, not just a certain strata of society because, “Looking beautiful is very woman’s right.”

This isn’t the first time HSY has thought out of the box when it comes to fashion. He has worked with NOWPDP and Kashf Foundation to introduce sustainable fashion in Pakistan.

The collection, which is in collaboration with  Pakistan’s largest fashion discovery platform, @laamofficial, will be launched on Women’s Day.

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