Hulk killed America – 4/1/2023

Football loves to debunk even the most obvious theories.

América and Atlético Mineiro tied 2-2 at Horto in the first game of the state decision when the American Marlon saved Paulinho’s third alvinegro goal with his arm, one minute after the American tie, 6 minutes into the second half.

Penalty scored and the left-back expelled.

What everyone thought and said: “You should have let the ball in so you didn’t leave your team with one less and the rival with one more goal”.

Big mistake.

Because Hulk hit and Cavichioli defended!

Galo had taken the lead with a great goal by the Argentine Pavón in the first minute and with Hyoran, at 33 minutes.

Benítez, also from Argentina, scored at the end of the first half, with a curved shot by Evérson, and tied 2-2 between the goalkeeper’s legs.

From then on, América’s challenge was limited to maintaining the tie and going out alive for the game at Mineirão.

God saved America, or rather, Benítez and Cavichioli saved him.

Galo used all the talents he had on the bench.

In vain.

There were even two balls on the beam sent by Paulinho in extra time, but the saving draw, for América, prevailed.

And, you know what?

Under the circumstances, it was fair.

But, at the 52nd minute, the last one, Paulinho made a precious pass for Hulk to touch the goalkeeper’s exit and give victory to Galo, who will play for a draw to be champion once again.

América, moreover, lost its unbeaten record in the Campeonato Mineiro.

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