“I can see their game and I’m cutting their wings” — Tolanibaj spills why she fighting Ceec, Ilebaye others over Neo

“Why I am not showing off my new house”-BBNaija’s DJ Tolanibaj reveals

Tolanibaj, a BBNaija All Stars housemate, reveals her justification for battling over the man of her dreams, blaming Neo for allowing other women into her zone.

This follows the brawl between Ceec and Tbaj, in which the two slammed each other mercilessly.

Neo, on the other hand, had a talk with his love interest about how she is publicly humiliating him with her obvious jealousy.

In her defense, Tolanibaj argued that Neo is to fault for the intrusion into their relationship as well as for being overly welcoming to other female housemates.

“I can see their game and I’m cutting their wings. I don’t want to lose weight because of a man. Babes will conveniently enter my territory and you’d say but this is my guy,” she said in part.

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“My Comfort Person” – Video of Neo Grabbing Tolanibaj’s Backside Causes Stir*

A video showing Neo Akpofure and Tolanibaj, BBNaija All Stars housemates, has sparked outrage on social media.

Neo could be seen constantly and playfully grabbing Tolanibaj’s backside in the footage.

This obscene gesture comes after Tolanibaj publicly professed her love for Neo, which caught the two in a suggestive posture.

Tolanibaj, who was wrapped in a towel, spoke with fellow housemates Pere, Neo, and Whitemoney in the video.

Neo, for his part, placed his hand gracefully around Tolanibaj’s waist before gradually dragging it below to fondle her backside. This flirting conversation intensified when Neo softly spanked Tolanibaj’s bum, causing her to react.

Neo promptly stopped after Tolanibaj muttered some words to him.

Watch the video below:

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