“I can’t answer for the boss”

Coach Rogério Ceni spoke about the rumors of his dismissal after São Paulo’s 2-0 victory over Academia Puerto Cabello, in Morumbi, for the second round of Group D of the Copa Sudamericana.

In the last few days, the São Paulo commander had to deal with enormous external pressure. The main organized supporters of the club, Independente, even released an official note asking for the resignation of Rogério Ceni.

“That’s a question I can’t ask myself. I work with them every day, trying to extract the best from each one. Having boos at halftime is acceptable, but today the team finished, created, and that’s the most important thing for us. I work with what I like, I’m happy with what I chose to work with in my life. That question is up to the management”, said Rogério Ceni.

“I work the same way, from the first day until today, I work the same way. But, I repeat, this is a question that I cannot answer. I would like to, it would make it much easier, but I am extremely happy where I work, I like working with them [jogadores]. But I am an employee, not an employer. I cannot answer for the boss, “she completed.

Although this is the time when Rogério Ceni has been under the most pressure since taking over at São Paulo, the coach has already had his work questioned and his future at São Paulo put in doubt on other occasions. The difference is that the board did not omit itself, bankrolling its permanence. In recent days, however, the high tricolor dome preferred to remain silent.

“It’s okay for me. My biggest challenge was getting here at 17, living under the bleachers, earning less than the minimum wage, keeping myself focused, alive. You can have idols, but idols are not created overnight. I always wish the best for São Paulo. When Muricy left São Paulo, he said at the time that they were killing the guys who supported this club”, scored Ceni.

“But, I don’t miss anything at all. The management has every right to make the exchange, it’s in the contract. I left Fortaleza twice, terminating the contract. It’s a right. It’s not forbidden for there to be an exchange. Life goes on for everyone. My biggest difficulty was at 17 years old, earning the equivalent of R$800 today. And I won. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. The important thing is how many times you get up”, concluded the São Paulo coach.

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