If Lula privatized Correios, he would commit an electoral fraud

Lula said during the election campaign that he would not privatize the Post Office, placed this as guideline number 79 of his government program, repeated the information after being elected and, hours after assuming the Presidency, ordered his ministers to prepare the removal of the company from the queue. Even so, there are still people who were chokita when he published a decree, this Thursday (6), removing the sale.

There is a class that thinks that in the name of a government with a broad front and dialogue with the market, it is worth committing electoral fraud and lying to the population.

“We oppose the privatization of Correios, a company with an important social, logistical and capillarity function throughout the national territory”, says the government program presented by the PT in August 2022. In the document, he also opposes the privatization of Petrobras , from Eletrobras, among other companies.

Lula needs to compose with other political forces to be able to govern – proof of this is that the new package of fiscal rules, presented by ministers Fernando Haddad and Simone Tebet, displeased sectors of the PT itself and of allies of the left. This does not mean, however, that the president has to do the opposite of what he repeatedly promised in the campaign.

You may disagree with Lula when, in that document, he stated that he will “recompose the inducing and coordinating role of the State and state-owned companies so that they fulfill, with agility and dynamism, their role in the development process”. But it is this vision that won the elections. Democracy is that, the opposite is Bolsonarist vandalizing the Planalto, Congress and the STF.

Likewise, there are those who defend that his government does not review the Labor Reform, to strengthen unions and change rules that weakened protections for workers, ignoring what it promised in the elections.

The government has stated that it is betting on partnerships with the private sector and is not opposed to privatization as a principle. But that there are companies that will not privatize even if the market pouts.

For a long time, part of the press insisted that Dilma Rousseff committed electoral fraud by putting into practice, at the beginning of her second government, economic policies that she had not promised during her campaign.

Every government frustrates its voters – and this one will certainly not be different. But what do the people who defend privatization as the objective of the Republic want? That Lula commits an electoral fraud, 100 days after taking power?

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