“I’m going to think about it”: Aída Victoria Merlano responds to the model proposal of “Severo Scoundrel”

The controversial waiter pointed out that he would like to serve the woman from Barranquilla at his place and the followers of the influencer ask him to travel to Cali


The controversial model pointed out that a celebrity he would like to serve in his business would be Aida Victoria MerlanoThe controversial model pointed out that a celebrity he would like to serve in his business would be Aida Victoria Merlano

For a few months on social networks, some videos recorded in a waffle shop located in Cali called “Severo Sirvengüenza” have become a trend in which they serve penis-shaped waffles and the waiter gives them to the clientele in a rather suggestive way. Ray Cabrera , model and waiter of the place, became recognized for appearing in those videos and recently received a message from the famous Aída Victoria Merlano .

Severe Scoundrel involved in controversy over a risqué video, in which a young woman is the protagonist along with her star seller.  Image taken from Facebook Official Severo Scoundrel

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In recent days, the Venezuelan model was on the Bogota radio station Tropicana defending his business from controversy and telling some details about his personal life. In the middle of that dialogue, Ray Cabrera was asked if there was a famous person he would be interested in attending and he mentioned the Barranquillera.

“Which national or international show business character would you put waffle on? ”, was the question they asked the waiter of “Severo Sirvengüenza”. Without much thought, Ray Cabrera gave the name of Aída Victoria Merlano , when asked why, she replied “because she is delicious, why else would she be her?”

Ray Cabrera revealed to which celebrity he would make one of his services from the famous waffle business in which he works.  @tropicanacolombia/InstagramRay Cabrera revealed to which celebrity he would make one of his services from the famous waffle business in which he works. @tropicanacolombia/Instagram

Aída Victoria responded to Ray Cabrera, from “Severo Sirvengüenza”

Through her Instagram stories, the famous content creator Aída Victoria Merlano shared the video of the fashion waffle shop model and reacted. ” I earned my waffle , Support,” wrote the Barranquillera in the video in which Ray Cabrera mentions her.

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In her direct messages, a follower wrote to the famous “go and put him in his place”, adding some laughing emoticons. At that Merlano said “I see that he puts the waffle on everyone, rather come and I’ll put the waffle on you .” But that was not the only thing that the Barranquillera said about it, since more messages from her follower indicated that she should go visit the premises in Cali.

“Aida, we need you to go to Cali on behalf of all of us who can’t go”, “Go to Cali but now! I need to see that video ”, were some of the messages that Merlano showed in her stories and, immediately afterwards, she answered if she was really interested in visiting“ Severo Sirvengüenza ”.

“Do you really want me to go all the way to Cali to a place to be groped and danced by a tattooed and muscular man who is going to shove a waffle all the way down my throat with all his might and it is going to squirt all over me? expensive? I’ll think about it,” was the influencer’s response.

Aida Victoria Merlano Responded To The “Severe Scoundrel” Model

0 seconds of 32 secondsVolume 90%The influencer reacted to the comment that the controversial model made about her

At the moment, Aída Victoria Merlano ‘s visit to Ray Cabrera in “Severo Sinvergüenza” seems not to happen soon because the influencer appeared on the morning of Saturday, March 18, boarding a plane to Mexico .

Ray Cabrera talked about the good and the bad of his work

Cabrera recently spoke with the Tropicana radio station and discussed the good and bad of working with the waffle business. In the middle of the conversation, the Venezuelan replied that what he likes is to offer a different service, loaded with sensuality, but that this whole situation has affected him, above all, due to the negative comments on his social networks “people who speak badly without knowing …” .

Another aspect that the “Severo Scoundrel” model highlighted during the interview is that he received a nickname from some Cali on social networks and that he also heard on the streets in the recent controversy. According to him, the worst of all this that happened with the dessert business was “the bunch of men who hate me… I am a just-marriage from Cali . “

Finally, he clarified if at any time he liked any of the clients he has attended, for which Ray Cabrera replied that “it is not something that I do not mix at all, I handle the professional and the attention issue is at risk if something happens beyond ” .

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