‘I’m here as a friend of China’, says Kissinger in Beijing, asking for ‘peace’ – 07/18/2023 – Nelson de Sá

It appeared on the WeChat profile of the Ministry of Defense of China and was immediately spread through platforms and lighter websites, such as Guancha and CNBC, “Li Shangfu meets with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger”.

The Global Times did not report, but hours earlier it had published an extensive interview with the biographer of the secretary who brought Washington and Beijing closer in the 1970s, saying that “Kissinger has hope in the restoration of China-US ties and encourages Americans to work for world stability.”

Li is the defense minister, held under White House sanction, which is why Beijing and Washington are no longer in talks about their growing military tension. From Kissinger, according to the text:

“I am here as a friend of China. Challenges and opportunities coexist in today’s world. The US and China must eliminate misunderstandings, coexist peacefully and avoid confrontation. History and practice have proved that neither the US nor China can afford the luxury of of treating the other as an adversary. If the two go to war, it will not lead to any meaningful result for the two peoples.”

From Li:

“Today’s world is full of turmoil. People from all countries look to China and the US to play a leading role. The path of peaceful development that China is following is a boon to the world, not a disaster. US must make sound strategic judgment.The future of our world will only be better when emerging countries and developed countries live in peace and develop together.

“Some people in the US did not meet China halfway, causing Sino-US relations to hover at an all-time low. The reality of interdependence between the two countries was ignored, the history of successful cooperation was distorted, and the atmosphere of friendly communication was destroyed.”

Contacted by CNBC, the US chancellery declined to comment. More by Reuters and Bloomberg.


Kissinger’s visit comes at a time when, according to the South China Morning Post, Global Times and now also the Japanese-British Financial Times, “China and Russia will hold a joint military exercise in strategic waters near Japan” (above).

Also at a time when, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Washington urged Tokyo to consider roles such as hunting Chinese submarines around Taiwan”, in case of Beijing taking the island, but Japan “did not commit”.

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