Immigrants are disappointed when they go to the US expecting government aid

According to a specialist lawyer, this type of situation usually happens to those who have been deceived by consultants or agencies.

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The “public charge” policy in the United States has been the subject of much controversy and debate in recent years, especially after the rules were updated in 2019 by the Donald Trump administration. This solution was created so that immigrants, in search of a visa or permanent residence in the country, are financially assisted in certain situations, such as expenses related to health.

The assessment takes into account factors such as income, employment, education, age and language skills. However, this policy has been criticized by many as discriminatory and harmful to the poorest and most vulnerable immigrants, limiting their access to essential public services and contributing to increased social inequality.

In this context, it is essential to understand how the use of the “public charge” policy affects the lives of immigrants in the United States and their prospects for growth within American society.

The US government won’t pay your bills

According to Daniel Toledo, a lawyer who works in the area of ​​International Law, founder of Toledo e Associados and partner of LeeToledo PLL, many people are being convinced to go to the North American country with the certainty that the Federal Government will pay for their expenses.

“That’s not quite how things work. These people are being deceived and arrive in the US really believing that they will be funded by the state, making the trip a shower of cold water”, he reports.

For the lawyer, this type of situation is a scam practiced by agencies in Brazil. “There are people who will do anything to make a profit, and this is just another scenario where that happens. They convince travelers to go to the United States, go through all the visa application procedures so that, upon arrival, these tourists or potential workers realize that nothing they were promised is real”, he declares.

In Toledo’s opinion, public funds should not be used in this sense. “I believe that when people go through the immigration process to the United States, they should be fully able to support themselves during their stay in the country. It is unfeasible for the state to cover the expenses of thousands of immigrants who were instructed to request the public charge policy during their stay in the US”, he concludes.

Some immigrant rights organizations are fighting the current public cartoon policy, pressing the government to change it.

Remember that immigrants are an important part of American society, and immigration policies are designed to ensure that all immigrants have a fair chance to live and work in the United States.

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