Importance of caregivers in the routine of people with mental disorders

Psychologist explains the importance of qualified care for patients with mental disorders

According to information from the World Health Organization (WHO), 86% of Brazilian citizens face some type of mental disorder. Because of this, in many families, it is necessary to have specialized assistance to care for and guide people who have some level of mental impairment, as they require special attention.

Empathy is essential for patient care

Empathy is essential for patient care

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Caregivers’ work

In this context, psychologist Tais Fernandes, who works at Grupo Said, a company specializing in caregivers for the elderly and people with disabilities, highlights the importance of having trained professionals. That’s why these experts have specific training.

“These caregivers learn to have a active listening and a humanized service, thus really understanding the demand and listening to what the patient wants, not only with words, but also through behavioral interpretation”, he adds.

professional driving

These professionals guarantee management techniques in different situations, knowing how to deal with moments of adversity, such as aggressive, dissociative, delusional, depressive, anxious behaviors, among others. In these situations, driving of the professional can impact the intensity and duration of events.

Families often need professional support to care for loved ones.

Families often need professional support to care for loved ones.

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empathetic care

Taís Fernandes says that caregivers are also trained to cognitively stimulate such patients, to exercise mental health, according to their capacity and limitation.

“Caring is also life, looking at the other without prejudice and own opinions is synonymous with freedom. To act ethically, it is necessary to do this reflection. Therefore, the caregiver has empathy and a lot of respect, understanding that we all live different lives and every existence must be respected and accepted”, concludes the psychologist.

By Giovanna Rebelo

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