“Impossible” is like giving birth, says Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson has compared shooting a Mission Impossible movie to giving birth.

Rebecca Ferguson compares making a movie to having a baby

Rebecca Ferguson compares making a movie to having a baby

The 39-year-old actress – who has a 15-year-old son, Isac, with former boyfriend Ludwig Hallberg, and a five-year-old daughter, Sage, with her husband Rory – reprises her role as Ilsa Faust in “Impossible: Dead Reckoning.” Part One” and although she admitted that making films can be difficult, she still wants to get involved again.

When asked if it was a tough shoot, she told Radio Times magazine: “It’s always like that. I literally said from day one, “It’s like childbirth… it hurts!”

“But once you’ve done it, you kind of want to do it again.”

Rebecca enjoys the fact that director Christopher McQuarrie and lead actor Tom Cruise encourage the cast to be “lippy” with their dialogue and improvise.

She continued, “And it’s a very different way of filming, the way Tom and McQ work.

“And if I’m not working like that now, I miss it.

“We don’t have scripts… You don’t really prepare for a role. You know your role. You inspire it when you are there.

“And you make it work. And they hit the bullseye every time.”

Rebecca knows she’s done a good job when she can “step outside of herself.”

She said: “If I’m in a scene, if it’s a good scene and a good direction and I’m working with someone who’s good, I leave my own being and the scene can go on with its own life, right?

“That’s what we’re working towards.”

The Swedish star has always found Tom to be a reassuring presence.

She said: “I remember the first time I worked with him [on 2015’s ‘Rogue Nation’] I got a beautiful present from him.

“He wrote a note that said, ‘Thank you for taking this first step with me.’

“It was the first shot of the first day. Because he knew I was nervous.”

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