in the final stretch, what are the two big lies of the edition

There are less than two weeks left for the end of BBB 23 (Globo) and it is already possible to cite lies that part of the public (and some players) believed a lot during the season. I dare to point out the two biggest ones: that the brilliant Sarah Aline was a plant and that the protected Amanda is a great player.

The representative of “Deserto”, Amanda, even became a meme on social networks for her numerous images lying in bed, with little expression, and very little desire to get involved in the game. In addition, staying “planted” on the Big Phone was one of her great strategies: so far she has not answered any.

It must be recognized that Amanda has a strong following and, in my view, as already pointed out by Fred Nicácio, this is only justified by the great fanfic of the season: the ship ‘docshoes’.

However, outside that bubble, what I hear most is: why is Amanda the favorite? Difficult to answer. Player was not. And in the few busy ones, he needed a little push from his colleagues and a lot of positive reinforcement to leave the place [da cama].

So what did she do to be a player? Perhaps my friend Chico Barney, an expert on the subject, will be able to give clues about it. I don’t understand.

What about Sarah Aline? Even a person who no longer watches the reality show so assiduously – my case these last few days, I confess – can point out many reasons why he was completely fascinating in this game. Something very different from the lie they want to believe that it is a plant.

By the way, to begin with, I don’t think any plant could relate to Ricardo Alface. The man is so agitated and one of the busiest in the house. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t stand beside her, and she doesn’t. If she positions herself against, in favor, fights, complains, and plays her game and her allies.

It is true that, facing Nicácio, Domitila and others already eliminated, Sarah Aline took a while to show herself in the game. She’s not one to scream, throw a tantrum, that’s not her game.

However, my first memory of the psychologist showing what she came for was even before the fifth eliminated – Cristian – left the house. This in February. It was she who exposed the handsome man’s plan against Bruna Griphao and Paula, and revolutionized the house week. Plant does this?

Sarah observes a lot and acts at the right time. She has good clashes in the Game of Discord, but she doesn’t leave to challenge her rivals only on Mondays. Over time, she gained courage and made a brilliant final stretch.

And if there are still doubts, just compare the sister with the queen of plants in the history of the BBB: the dear Brunna Gonçalves.

To believe lies or not is a public choice. But the final stretch is there, and there are people named as favorites supported by the false illusion of being a good player. Is everyone paying attention? It’s worth questioning.

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