In the Olympic Stadium it is carried by the hype

Pop icon Harry Styles plays two concerts in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. On the first evening he puts on a loving show. But also a very experienced one.

Feather boa, pink cowboy hat and colorful bell-bottoms – if you don’t wear at least one of these items of clothing to the concert of the “Love on Tour” tour, are you a real Harry Styles fan? A look at the packed – but not sold out – Munich Olympic Stadium shows: The pop icon’s fan community is definitely in agreement when it comes to the style of clothing. The star itself, on the other hand, is almost a bit disappointing.

Harry Styles enters the stage in black leather trousers and a striped shirt with rhinestones. Rather simple, in contrast to other extravagant performances in red glitter overalls with a feather boa.

Harry Styles filled the Olympic Hall in Munich in 2022 with “Love on Tour”.

The boy band past with One Direction is still noticeable in the Brit: around ten years later he is an experienced solo artist who knows exactly how to use his charm, his image and his appearance on stage. Last year, Harry Styles had to be content with the smaller Olympic Hall, which was sold out on both evenings. On this year’s tour, he thrilled his fans in the well-filled Olympic Stadium. It becomes clear how much the pop star surfs on the social media wave.

Whoever gets a wide variety of videos from his concerts flushed into the feed on social media can get a precise picture of his performance in advance: cool outfits, interaction with the fans, inside jokes and, of course, catchy songs. The Harry Styles show follows exactly this pattern Munich away. The most well-known perennial hits are the best: “As It Was”, “Watermelon Sugar” and “Sign Of The Times”. The popular One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful” is causing great enthusiasm. During the ballad “Fine Line” the stadium shines with thousands of mobile phone lights. Whether the routine is an advantage or a disadvantage remains to be seen, as some fixed parts must not be missing from the screaming fans.

Concert in the Olympic Stadium: Harry Styles has an open ear for his fans in Munich

About halfway through the show, everyone is already happily holding up their signs on which they write their current problems and the singer chooses one, which is then briefly discussed. A therapy or counseling session with Harry. “My boyfriend cheated on me, should I take him back?” is the sign of his choice on Wednesday evening and the clear answer from the audience: “No.” Styles himself has some words of encouragement for this, because after all, the woman deserves something better. Another selected one celebrates her 18th birthday in the evening. Of course she gets praised for that. The pop star whispers to another person during a song that he has seen her before.

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For these small personal moments, Harry Styles is popular with his fans both live and on social networks. And these small moments are combined with diligent waving to the audience, which is also the most obvious part of the entire performance. There’s no question Harry Styles is a sought-after pop star who releases hit after hit. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, the show is extremely routine. Every beat, every step and every air kiss seems rehearsed. So much so that it seems that Styles himself doesn’t really loosen up until the second half of his concert.

Harry Styles meets the expectations of his fans at the concert in Munich in the Olympic Stadium

He embodies everyone’s darling, and that’s particularly evident on the big stage. Because the personal thing that you want so much from your favorite star falls by the wayside. It may be due to the large Olympic Stadium, but unfortunately Harry Styles’ show is one thing above all: an experienced show by an unapproachable world star.

For die-hard fans, however, all expectations are met. In any case, they dance happily to the songs and sing along at the top of their lungs. So much so that some of them are hoarse afterwards. The predominantly youngsters, often accompanied by their parents, collect their favorite Harry Styles Instagram moments on this evening, while others dance their hearts out around a costumed koala and celebrate the star. And that’s perhaps the most beautiful thing about the whole concert.

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