Incoherent is criticizing Robinho and supporting Cuca

The internet is often frightening, mainly because of the opportunists on duty who act dishonestly, trying to distort opinions and forcing the bar to put those they want to harm in a delicate situation.

But that doesn’t happen with those who act coherently, which is my case in this story of Corinthians hiring Cuca.

I wrote a text here on UOL yesterday called “By hiring Cuca, Duílio did not respect the mines or anyone else”. Obviously, being completely against hiring Cuca.

A site X took my comments on a video praising Cuca’s work in other clubs to try to put me as inconsistent, wanting to show me as an anti-Corinthian.

I don’t know if they’re journalists, but I imagine not, because they can’t put together something that makes sense.

I praised Cuca as a coach several times for the great work he did at Santos and Atlético-MG in 2021. But, at the same time, I always criticized him for this issue of condemnation there in Switzerland.

He’s a great coach and in my text yesterday I didn’t write a single line criticizing his professional work. And that was very clear.

There are people on the internet who work for a club, a crowd, or even for nobody, whose motto is disloyalty and opportunism.

On the last day of 2021, I wrote a text while still on GE called “What’s yours, Cuca?”

In addition to being dishonest, they are ridiculous, because you cannot distort the opinion of a person who is very clear when he speaks or writes.

You may or may not agree with me, but I don’t leave double meanings in anything, and much less am I committed to anyone who works in football.

My commitment is with UOL, the company I work for, and with my conscience.

Incoherent are those who criticize Robinho’s situation and then support Cuca’s hiring.

I make it clear that if he does a great job at Corinthians he will have my praise as a coach, just as he did at Galo and Santos. But I will never stop mentioning this past that he does not admit, even with all the judicial evidence.

The presentation of the new Corinthians coach is scheduled for this Friday (21/4), at 5 pm, at CT Joaquim Grava and soon after I will write another text talking about it.

It will be frightening to see the flags of Corinthians, of the faithful fans, fluttering together with the fireworks, shouting the name of the new coach with this horrendous and poorly explained story.





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