India bans single-use plastics, Australia’s first hydrogen-fuelled plane, improving rock bottom graduation rates

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, India bans 19 plastic items to combat pollution, a Queensland airline unveils its plans to help decarbonise aviation, and Ivy Tech improves graduation rates by converting the old system.

India bans 19 single-use plastic products

Welcome news coming out of the world’s second most populous country, as India imposes a ban on 19 single-use plastic items. These include straws, earbuds and cigarette packets, among others.

Source: Aljazeera

California passes first sweeping US law to reduce single-use plastic

The bill states that 30% of plastic items sold or bought be recyclable by 2028 and economic responsibility falls to producers.

Source: The Guardian

Queensland airline Skytrans unveils plans for Australia’s first hydrogen-fuelled plane

Hydrogen is a ‘truly sustainable solution’ for aviation which has so far been hard to decarbonise, says aircraft maker Stralis.

Source: The Guardian

What Australia’s power grid urgently needs for ‘once-in-a-century transformation’

Most likely scenario to reach net zero by 2050 projects all coal-fired power plants exit by 2043, according to market operator.

Source: The Guardian

Water-saving technology transforms seed into feed

Touted as the future of agriculture, a new technology is looking at contributing to water-use efficiency efforts. Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox has recently called on residents to be part of water solutions, as the state grapples with extreme drought.

Source: Deseret

Drones help bring polluters to justice

Environmentalists turn to using drones to safeguard public health and enforce the law. In 2019, a company was accused of illicit discharge, but thanks to drone-collected evidence the firm was pushed to address the issue.

Source: AP News

Big companies collaborate with historically Black colleges and universities

Big employers including Google and IBM seek to expand diversity in the workplace by teaming up with HBCUs. The move helps combat systemic racism and break barriers to equal opportunity.

Source: The Hechinger Report

How Ivy Tech improved graduation rates

Low graduation rates can be traced back to situations where students have to juggle a myriad of responsibilities, but this college’s approach to overhaul its system is proving to be successful.

Source: Chalkbeat Indiana

Culinary kudos: the trailblazing chef showcasing the cuisine of rural West Africa

Fatmata Binta’s pop-up restaurant brings her nomadic food culture to a wider audience – and helps girls to follow in her footsteps. Now she has become the first African to win the Basque culinary world prize.

Source: The Guardian

Indian Cafes use ‘forgotten ingredients’ to boost health, environment

A number of cafes in India are making sure what goes on people’s plates will have a good impact on health and the environment. These indigenous cafes promote the consumption of underutilized plant species, steering clear of modern food products which tend to have an immense carbon footprint.

Source: Yes Magazine

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