Indigenous groups join forces to protect rainforest, ‘Transformation Schools’, ‘self-learning’ braille device

Today in Squirrel News, indigenous communities, NGOs and local governments are teaming up to protect Ecuador’s rainforest, a Dallas programme mixing schools from different backgrounds proves extremely popular, and an Indian startup designs the first ever ‘self-learning’ braille device for blind children.

Indigenous groups join Ecuador in paving the way for protecting sacred rainforest

For the first time ever, Amazonian communities are joining forces with NGOs and government bodies in efforts to protect the rainforest.

Source: euronews

Transformation Schools’ programme mixes students of different backgrounds

The Dallas programme attracts students across the socio-economic spectrum in order to mix them together in the same school, and has seen such popularity that the state is planning to open eleven more.

Source: Next City

College affordability schemes that have actually worked

Schemes like the ‘Promise Program’ have been providing a pathway to college for communities that otherwise might not have had any, helping to re-mould them for the better.

Source: Prism

Tech startup designs first ever ‘self-learning’ braille device for blind children

Thinkerbell Labs in India has come together to design a device that allows blind children to learn how to read and write and type in braille easier and without much help.

Source: The Better India

Following on from the four-day work week, the six-hour workday

Recent times have seen more and more people reconsider their work environment, with many trialling the four-day work week. Others, however, are looking to six-hour days instead.

Source: euronews

New York based women-led worker’s club shaking up the cleaning sector

Liberty Cleaners, a club led by women and born from the Woker’s Justice Project, is attracting members from all over the cleaning sector and teaching them how to demand better from their jobs.

Source: Next City

The drought in Africa has solutions and we know it, so let’s act

In a continent battered by crises happening thousands of miles away, droughts present serious risks to life. But these problems aren’t new, and their solutions are numerous – here’s how we need to make them reality.

Source: The New Humanitarian

Timber company in Fargo maximises its operation to put urban timber to good use

The wood that would otherwise get discarded and wasted is being crafted into structures just like any other wooden creations, saving thousands of tonnes in wood each year.

Source: Next City

Amidst all the food and climate concerns, these groups are turning to home-grown food

In the face of global crises, some communities have turned to local food growing projects in allotments across the UK. Not just good for the dinner plate, these projects provide a platform for residents to meet eachother with common interest.

Source: euronews

India’s ‘Mother Earth’ centres provide local foraged goods for better food chains

In a country with great food variety already, protecting the food sources and their supply is paramount. These cafes have been using creative and resilient indigenous methods to provide delicious dishes whilst promoting good practice.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

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