Inside The Final Years Of Grace Kelly’s Life

Beyond pressing flowers, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco enjoyed writing about them. In fact, almost exactly two years before her death, the former movie star published a book titled “My Book of Flowers.” The work discussed Grace’s interest in flower pressing but also did a deep dive into other themes, such as floral arrangements and even herbal medicine. But, most of all, the tome provided some insight into the way that the princess felt leading up to that tragic 1982 car crash.

In a certain way, Grace’s book revealed a sense of peacefulness. The Academy Award winner wrote, “Just sliding the flowers into place brings the same kind of tranquility as doing needlework, crocheting, or knitting. No wonder the Victorian ladies spent hours making pressed flower albums and pictures. As with gardening, time just slips by” (via Town & Country). During other moments, though, the princess recognized how many artistic opportunities this passion had brought her, writing, “Love of flowers has opened many doors for me.”

Ultimately, Grace’s book was a massive hit. As royal expert Jeffrey Robinson wrote in his biography, “Grace of Monaco: The True Story,” copies of “My Book of Flowers” were selling like hotcakes. The biographer explained, “Financially, the book was a huge success, and Grace’s portion of royalties was soon bolstering the bank accounts of charities such as the Monaco Red Cross.”

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