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So far, one suspects armed cliques that are out of control

Organized crime specialists from the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) help the Stuttgart investigation group “Runaway” and the Ulm investigation group “Phoenix”.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart region. The latest shooting took place in Plochingen. At 5:20 a.m. on Sunday morning, a 34-year-old innkeeper was shot at in a shisha bar. Police officers from the Reutlingen Police Headquarters are currently supporting the LKA.

Together they want to identify the perpetrators. The host – the latest victim – had Iraqi roots. But the origin is probably ruled out as a reason. It is striking that innkeepers are repeatedly affected and that smaller businesses such as hairdressers and shisha bars are also affected.

An LKA spokesman is certain that “the perpetrators are all already in the police computer (i.e. have a criminal record), you just have to identify them,” he told a local newspaper.

So far there have been shootings in the following regions in a very short time: Zuffenhausen, Esslingen-Mettingen, Ostfildern Parksiedlung, Eislingen, Donzdorf, Reichenbach, Plochingen and Hattenhofen.

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