iPhone 15 may support wireless charging with third-party products

Models in the iPhone 15 line can offer maximum wireless charging power on non-certified products; check out the details!

the line iPhone 15 has been the subject of a series of leaks. This time, information appeared about the wireless charging system of the devices. By all indications, the apple may allow its new flagships to use accessories from third parties without MFM certification (Made for MagSafe), delivering to consumers the same power offered by original products or those certified by the company.

No power restriction

According to information from the Korean website Naverthe line iPhone 15 will allow the use of chargers that do not carry the MFM (Made for MagSafe) certification. These products tend to be more affordable and can be found easily on the market.

The possible decision of the Cupertino giant must guarantee the maximum charging power, which in original or certified accessories is 15 watts, but in alternatives with the Qi standard it is only 7.5 watts.

Possible iPhone 15 design

Possible iPhone 15 design

Photo: MacRumors / Oficina da Net

Possible iPhone 15 design (Image: MacRumors)

Although it has not been confirmed, this leak makes sense, as the apple has been contributing to a new version of the Qi standard that works similarly to MagSafe.

Announced in January of this year, the Qi2 incorporates a magnetic energy system, which means that the devices will use the same technology present in the ‌MagSafe‌ products, facilitating the implementation in the brand’s cell phones.

What about USB-C?

Making the maximum wireless charging power available, even on non-certified products, is a direct contrast to the possible proposal of apple to limit data transfer and charging speed on non-MFI (Made for iPhone) certified accessories.

Anyway, the line iPhone 15 should be released only in September. So let’s wait for more information to confirm (or not) all of this. It is worth remembering that these models can bring several important changes, including a 48-megapixel sensor in the “entry” versions.

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