Is Danielle Galligan Dating Calahan Skogman? Relationship Status

Who are Danielle Galligan and Calahan Skogman?

Danielle Galligan is an Irish actress best known for her role as Sarra in the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones”. She has also appeared in several other TV shows, including “Strangers”, “Cold Courage” and “The Umbrella Academy”. Galligan trained at The Lir Academy in Dublin and has also worked in theatre, with performances in plays such as “The Ferryman” and “The Plough and the Stars”. Despite being a relatively new face in the entertainment industry, Galligan has already gained a reputation for her impressive acting skills and is expected to have a promising career ahead.

Calahan Skogman is an American actor best known for his role as Luc Scuderi in the Netflix series “Ratched”. He was born and raised in Indiana and started his career as a stage actor, performing in regional theatre productions across the United States. Skogman made his screen debut in 2019, appearing in the TV series “Chicago P.D.” before landing his breakthrough role in “Ratched”. Skogman’s performance as Luc Scuderi earned him critical acclaim and helped him gain a wider audience. He is known for his intense and nuanced performances, and his work in “Ratched” has been praised for its complexity and depth. Skogman is considered one of the rising stars in the entertainment industry and is expected to have a bright future ahead.

Is Danielle Galligan Dating Calahan Skogman?

Fans of Shadow and Bone are in for a treat as season 2 hits Netflix, and it seems that the on-screen sparks between Danielle Galligan and Calahan Skogman are igniting rumors of a potential off-screen romance. Although the duo has been spotted on each other’s Instagram pages quite often, no confirmation of a real-life relationship has been announced yet. With Galligan portraying Nina Zenik and Skogman as Matthias in the show, the two share a sizzling chemistry that has fans shipping their forbidden love. As viewers eagerly follow the Crows and their quest, many can’t help but wonder if the passion between Galligan and Skogman is more than just acting. So, are they lovers in real life or just close friends? The answer remains a mystery, but we can’t help but hope that love is in the air for these talented actors.

Danielle Galligan and Calahan Skogman Relationship

Hold onto your hats, Shadow and Bone fans, because the adorable matching tattoos of Danielle Galligan and Calahan Skogman will have you swooning! In a heartwarming gesture of their close friendship, the duo got each other’s handwriting tattooed with the word “favorite” (or “favourite” for Skogman) on their arms during his fall 2022 trip to Ireland to visit Galligan and her family. The tattoos were posted by Galligan’s cousin, Elva Carroll, who referred to Skogman as Galligan’s “bestie” and an “extension of the family”. It’s wonderful to see how close the Shadow and Bone stars are, not just on-screen but off-screen too. Galligan is clearly a supportive friend, often posting about her appreciation and missing her other Shadow and Bone co-stars as well. With such meaningful bonds, it’s no wonder that the cast’s chemistry is so palpable on the show.

Danielle Galligan and Calahan Skogman Age Difference

Born under different constellations, these two gems shine brightly in their own unique way. Danielle, born on the cusp of winter on the 1st of December 1992, brings a touch of warmth and charm to the stage. She honed her craft in Drama and Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin and refined it further at The Lir Academy, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2015.

Meanwhile, Calahan, born on the cusp of spring on the 12th of May 1993, exudes a vibrant energy and tenacity that sets him apart. A scholar-athlete, he lettered in basketball and football at the NCAA Division II level, while pursuing his passion for history at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Despite being born just five months apart, these two stars are each on their own unique trajectory, carving out their place in the entertainment industry. As they continue to rise and shine, we can only wait and watch in awe, wondering where their paths will lead them next.

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