Is David Payne Married? Who is He Married to? Check Here

Who is David Payne?

David Payne is a TV meteorologist and storm chaser from the United States who presently holds the position of chief meteorologist at CBS affiliate KWTV-DT (channel 9). His television career started at ABC affiliate KTUL-TV (channel 8) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he worked as a meteorologist. After leaving KTUL in 1993, he joined KFOR-TV as a morning meteorologist. In 2009, David was awarded an additional Emmy for his outstanding coverage and tracking of multiple tornadoes that occurred on May 24th, 2008, in northern Oklahoma. On that fateful day, a single storm produced more than a dozen tornadoes across three counties.

Is David Payne Married?

Yes, David Payne is married. It’s very often that fans want to know if their favorite star has been married or is going to get married. In such a way, David Payne fans also wanted to know if David Payne is married. David Payne is married to his wife Julie Payne. David started his television career as a meteorologist at KTUL-TV (channel 8), an ABC affiliate based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Subsequently, he joined KFOR-TV as a morning meteorologist after leaving KTUL in 1993.

During his stint as a morning meteorologist, David became well-known for his sense of humor, and he would occasionally make jokes, often directed at co-anchor Kent Ogle, during the newscasts. This lighthearted and humorous nature of David has continued to be an integral part of his role as the evening and chief meteorologist at KWTV.

Who is David Payne Married to?

David Payne is married to Julie Payne. David received an Emmy Award and two Emmy nominations for his exceptional coverage of the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado that occurred on May 8th, 2003. This storm was particularly noteworthy as it was the second to hit the Moore community within five years and followed a nearly identical path to the previous one.

In the spring of 2006, David intently monitored the development of storms near El Reno, west of Oklahoma City. During the course of the day, he witnessed several tornadoes, including a rare anticyclonic with a clockwise motion. His tireless efforts that day resulted in two Emmy Awards and three Emmy nominations for his coverage, which involved driving over 500 miles.

Who is David Payne Wife?

Julie Payne is the wife of David Payne. Julie Payne is the supportive wife of David Payne. Like many other celebrities who support their husband’s careers, Julie Payne also assists her husband. More than that, she is a caretaker for her husband, giving him confidence during his struggles. Julie Payne has generated a complete family for her husband, David Payne, making him proudly identify as a family man. Julie Payne cares for her child properly as a mother.

David Payne Networth

Payne’s current net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, which is a significant sum. However, when he began his career, his net worth was considerably lower. David is a recipient of both the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society seals. His extensive knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm for severe weather have earned him numerous appearances on nationally recognized media outlets such as NBC, CNN, FOX, The Weather Channel, and The Discovery Channel, among others.

David has been repeatedly acknowledged by the Associated Press and the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters for his outstanding coverage of severe weather, including his expertise in tracking tornadoes. In 2011, David was awarded the prestigious “Weathercast of the Year” award by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters.

How Much Does David Payne Make?

David L. Payne’s total compensation amounted to $640,813, which included $371,000 as salary, $250,000 as a bonus, and $19,813 from other forms of compensation. He did not receive any compensation in the form of stock options or awards. David has almost two decades of experience tracking tornadoes, during which he has observed several hundred of them. Among these is a backward-rotating tornado, which holds the world record for being the longest anticyclonic (spinning backward) tornado ever captured on video.

David Payne Salary

David Payne earns a salary of $24,292-$72,507, according to some sources. Throughout his career, Payne has claimed to have tracked hundreds of tornadoes. One of the most notable tornado outbreaks that he covered was on May 3, 1999, when a massive supercell produced 66 tornadoes and caused 44 fatalities across Oklahoma and southern Kansas.

Payne and KFOR photojournalist Marc Dillard chased the lead storm of the outbreak, which spawned a destructive F5 tornado that touched down near Amber and moved into the southern and eastern suburbs of Oklahoma City. At the time, it was the only F5 tornado ever recorded to hit any portion of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

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