Is D’monterrio Gibson Fired, What Happened To D’monterrio Gibson?

Is D’monterrio Gibson Fired?

FedEx has terminated a Black employee who declined an alternative job position following an incident where he reported being pursued and shot at by two White men while delivering packages. The dismissal comes shortly after a mistrial was declared for the attempted murder case against the father and son accused in the attack.

D’Monterrio Gibson, the 25-year-old driver, faced a harrowing experience when the two men chased him for approximately seven minutes during his delivery route in Brookhaven, Mississippi, on January 24, 2022. The attackers fired multiple shots at his delivery van, leading Gibson to take paid leave and seek treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Gibson’s attorney, Carlos Moore, revealed that on July 26, 2023, Gibson received an email stating his employment had been terminated. Moore criticized FedEx’s decision, highlighting the lack of empathy and compassion for Gibson’s situation. The attorney also stated that despite the offer of a part-time nondriving position, Gibson was not in a mental state to make such a decision while undergoing psychological treatment.

FedEx spokeswoman Meredith Miller confirmed Gibson’s firing and noted that he did not accept the offered part-time position that aligned with his requested accommodations. Miller explained that Gibson had not actively engaged in the process of seeking a new position within the company despite outreach efforts over a year and a half.

Gibson had reported that the assailants, Brandon and Gregory Case, targeted him due to his race, believing he didn’t belong in the neighborhood. The Cases, who are White, have entered not-guilty pleas for the charges. The incident has sparked concerns about racial discrimination and workplace safety within FedEx and its handling of employees facing traumatic incidents on the job.

What Happened To D’monterrio Gibson?

A FedEx delivery driver who was previously in the news for reporting an alarming incident involving two White men shooting at and pursuing him in Mississippi in 2022 has now found himself dismissed from his job, according to both his and his attorney’s statements on Monday.

D’Monterrio Gibson, the 25-year-old former driver, expressed his feelings of disrespect following the receipt of an email from FedEx notifying him of his termination, as he confirmed in an interview with The Associated Press.

While Meredith Miller, the manager of global network communications for FedEx, confirmed Gibson’s termination from the company, she refrained from responding to further inquiries from the AP.

Recently, a Mississippi judge declared a mistrial on August 17 due to police errors, which was related to the case against a father and son who were charged in connection with the attack on Gibson. The judge highlighted a detective’s failure to provide both prosecutors and defense attorneys with a copy of a videotaped police interview involving Gibson.

Carlos Moore, the attorney who represented Gibson in a civil lawsuit, shared a copy of the termination email with the AP. The email revealed that Gibson’s employment had been terminated on July 26, and the company had subsequently attempted to deliver a letter and related documents regarding the termination on July 31.

According to Moore, FedEx discharged Gibson because he declined a part-time, non-courier job offer presented in mid-July. Moore stated that he was unaware of whether there had been a specific deadline for Gibson to accept the offer.

Gibson, who has been on worker’s compensation leave since reporting the attack to the police on January 24, 2022, said he has been dealing with anxiety and undergoing therapy to cope with the incident. Despite not sustaining physical injuries during the shooting and chase, he has been struggling with sleep and anxiety.

Regarding the case against Brandon Case and his father, Gregory Case, who was charged with attempted first-degree murder and other offenses, prosecutors have expressed their intention to reschedule a new trial for the duo. The alleged incident has stirred discussions of racism on social media platforms due to the reported circumstances.

Gibson detailed that the encounter unfolded as he was making FedEx deliveries in a van with Hertz logos. After a delivery drop-off, Gregory Case attempted to hinder the van’s departure using a pickup truck. Brandon Case, armed with a gun, emerged from the house, and as Gibson maneuvered around the truck, gunfire ensued. The shooting caused damage to the van and some of the packages within it.

Brandon Case’s attorney, Terrell Stubbs, maintained that the elder Case intended to inquire about the van’s presence outside his mother-in-law’s vacant house when he spotted it after dark. The driver did not stop, leading to the unfortunate sequence of events.


Fed Ex Driver Fired

A Black FedEx delivery driver who recounted an unsettling incident involving two white men pursuing and firing shots at him in Lincoln County during 2022 has recently disclosed that he has been dismissed from his job, as confirmed by both him and his legal representative on Monday.

Attorney Carlos Moore reported that D’Monterrio Gibson received a termination email on Monday, specifying that Gibson’s employment was terminated on July 26. FedEx, in its explanation, stated that Gibson’s termination stemmed from his refusal to accept a part-time, non-courier position offered by the company in mid-July.

At the age of 25, Gibson mentioned that he has been on worker’s compensation leave, receiving approximately a third of his usual pay, since shortly after he reported the attack to the Brookhaven, Mississippi police on the evening of January 24, 2022.

In a recent development, a Mississippi judge, last Thursday, attributed a mistrial declaration for the father and son who were charged in connection with the attack to police errors. The judge emphasized that a detective’s failure to provide both prosecutors and defense attorneys with a copy of a videotaped police interview featuring Gibson led to the decision.

While Gibson escaped physical harm during the shooting and pursuit, he disclosed that he has been undergoing therapy to manage the anxiety stemming from the incident. He admitted that he continues to struggle with sleep-related issues.

Charges of attempted first-degree murder, conspiracy, and shooting into the vehicle driven by Gibson have been levied against Brandon Case and his father, Gregory Case. Prosecutors have expressed their intent to reschedule a new trial for the duo, who are currently out on bond. The court official has cited a packed schedule through December for the presiding judge.

Is D’monterrio Gibson Fired?

In a disconcerting turn of events, a Black FedEx driver, who recounted an incident involving being chased and shot at by two White men while carrying out package deliveries in Mississippi last year, has revealed to CNN that he was dismissed from his position after his request to work from home was denied.

D’Monterrio Gibson, 25, was reportedly let go because he declined a part-time, non-courier role that FedEx offered him in mid-July. According to FedEx, Gibson’s refusal to accept the alternative role led to his dismissal, as stated to CNN affiliate WAPT.

In a text message, Gibson expressed, “They offered me a job, which I didn’t accept because of the things I still deal with daily stemming from the situation including anxiety, depression, insomnia, and random panic attacks. I did ask if they had any at-home jobs available and they said no. Now I found out I’m fired. I just don’t think my healing should be linear to their timeline.”

Addressing the situation, FedEx spokesperson Meredith Miller conveyed that the company can confirm that Mr. Gibson is no longer a part of the FedEx workforce. However, Miller refrained from providing further responses.

Notably, last week, a judge declared a mistrial in the case of Gregory and Brandon Case, a White father and son who faced charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and shooting into a motor vehicle. This decision arose after the Brookhaven Police Department did not provide the prosecution or defense with video footage of a police interview with Gibson following the incident, as revealed by Gibson’s attorney Carlos Moore.

Regarding his former employer, Gibson expressed strong sentiments, stating, “I was offended and disappointed because they’ve done very little to help me since the beginning.” He recounted how initially, they only offered him two weeks off without pay and then requested he to avoid speaking to the news media. Later, as the incident garnered more attention, they began compensating him through workers’ compensation.

Gibson further disclosed, “I’m currently still in therapy and they only paid for the first 8 sessions. Everything has been coming out of my pocket since then.”

Taking a legal stance, Gibson’s attorney expressed his intent to hold FedEx accountable in a court of law for intentional infliction of emotional distress, particularly for compelling Gibson to resume the same perilous route immediately after the attack by the Cases.

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