Is Gillian Mckeith Married? Who is Her Husband? Check Here!

Who is Gillian Mckeith?

Gillian McKeith, a Scottish television personality and writer, is well-known for promoting various unscientific ideas about health and nutrition. She hosted several shows like “You Are What You Eat”, “Dr Gillian McKeith’s Feel Fab Forever”, and “Eat Yourself Sexy”. McKeith endorsed many dieting and lifestyle plans such as detox diets and colonic irrigation, which lack scientific evidence.

She claimed to identify people’s ailments and dietary needs by examining their tongues and stool samples, which is also unscientific. She has no legitimate qualifications in nutrition or medicine from accredited institutions and was asked to stop using the title “Doctor” in 2007.

McKeith authored several nutrition books, including “You Are What You Eat”, which sold over two million copies, but her approach’s validity and safety were criticized by health professionals. She faced criticism for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and anti-vaccine views during the pandemic and was labeled a conspiracy theorist.

Is Gillian Mckeith Married?

Gillian McKeith is married to Howard Magaziner, an American lawyer, whom she met while he was studying in Edinburgh. Howard owned a chain of health food shops in the United States, which Gillian became involved with. They now reside in London and have two daughters, Afton and Skylar. Afton pursued a career in acting while Skylar became a solicitor. Recently, in May 2022, Afton won the Miss USA Spokesmodel title.

In 2004, Gillian McKeith began her television career with her self-titled show “You Are What You Eat” on Channel 4. She later hosted “Dr Gillian McKeith’s Feel Fab Forever” on Granada Television from 2009 to 2010 and “Eat Yourself Sexy” on W Network in 2010. Additionally, she appeared regularly on the E4 health show “Supersize vs Superskinny” in 2008.

Who is Gillian Mckeith Husband?

While spending a year studying in Edinburgh, Howard Magaziner met Gillian, his future wife. He owned a chain of health food shops in the United States, which she got involved with. The couple currently resides in London.

Born and raised on a council estate in Perth, Scotland, Gillian McKeith’s father, Robert, worked in a shipyard, while her mother was an office worker. McKeith’s childhood diet mainly consisted of junk food, which she now discourages. She grew up on a typical Scottish diet with meat served three times a day and had no exposure to foods like mangoes or macrobiotics. Unfortunately, her father was a heavy smoker and passed away due to esophageal cancer in 2005.

Gillian Mckeith Age

Gillian McKeith is currently 63 years old. She earned a degree in linguistics from the University of Edinburgh in 1981 and then moved to the United States, where she worked in marketing and international business. In 1984, she obtained an MA in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania.

McKeith claims to have obtained an MA in holistic nutrition in 1994 and a PhD in the same field in 1997, both through distance-learning programs from the now-defunct American Holistic College of Nutrition, which later became the Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama.

However, the college was not accredited. McKeith is a member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, but the association does not verify the qualifications of its members, which allowed British physician Ben Goldacre to enroll his deceased cat in the same association as McKeith.

Gillian Mckeith Kids

Gillian have two daughters Afton and Skylar. While studying in Edinburgh, Gillian McKeith met Howard Magaziner, an American lawyer who owned a chain of health food shops in the United States and became involved with his business. The couple currently resides in London and has two daughters. Despite suffering from scoliosis, which causes her constant pain, McKeith has built a successful career in health and nutrition. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, McKeith rejected the idea of lockdowns and spread COVID-19 conspiracy theories while opposing vaccination. She supported the notion of an impending “martial law” and “fascist tyranny” conspiracy.

Despite lacking evidence, she advised her followers to avoid getting vaccinated and instead suggested nutrition as a means of gaining immunity against the virus, which was criticized by the British Nutrition Foundation and British Dietetic Association. In May 2021, she participated in an anti-vaccine protest at Westfield shopping center in London.

She also spoke at other protests in July and December of 2021, where she was joined by conspiracy theorists David Icke and Piers Corbyn. In November 2021, she made comments on Twitter suggesting that the sperm of unvaccinated men was superior to that of vaccinated men, but these claims lacked any medical basis.

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