Is Grant Denyer Sick? What Happened to Grant Denyer? What Health Issues Grant Denyer Have? What is Grant Denyer Doing Now?

Who is Grant Denyer?

Grant Denyer is a prominent Australian television and radio personality, as well as a motor racing driver. He has established himself as a versatile figure in the Australian entertainment industry, having worked for multiple television networks, notably the Seven Network and Network 10, where he primarily serves as a presenter. With a career spanning across various media platforms, Grant Denyer has become a recognizable face in Australian broadcasting.

In recognition of his contributions and popularity, Grant Denyer achieved a significant milestone in 2018 when he was honored with the prestigious Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. This accolade solidified his status as one of the nation’s most beloved and accomplished television presenters, highlighting his widespread appeal and enduring success in the industry. Here is a Bio of Grant Denyer:-




Grant Denyer



Date of Birth

September 12, 1977

Place of Birth

Gosford, New South Wales, Australia






Television and Radio Presenter, Motor Racing Driver

Years Active



Craig Denyer and Glenice Denyer


Cheryl Rogers (married in 2010)



Is Grant Denyer Sick?

Yes, Grant Denyer has experienced serious health problems in the past. Grant Denyer has opened up about his past health problems in a candid podcast interview. His frenetic lifestyle as a weather presenter on Sunrise, involving constant travel and adrenaline-fueled broadcasting, took a toll on his health. He experienced massive chronic fatigue and his organs were found to be functioning at only about 7 percent during a medical examination.

Doctors warned him that if he didn’t make drastic changes, his health could deteriorate further, even leading to a potentially life-threatening situation. Denyer emphasized the need to prioritize his health over television success and ratings. This candid revelation sheds light on the challenges he faced due to his demanding career and serves as a reminder of the importance of listening to one’s body and taking necessary steps to maintain well-being.


Grant Denyer Early Life

Grant Denyer’s early life reflects his Australian roots and a somewhat nomadic childhood. Born in Gosford, New South Wales, to parents Craig Denyer and Glenice Denyer, he experienced a pivotal change at the age of 13 when he relocated to Dandenong, Victoria. This transition marked a significant chapter in his formative years, shaping the diverse experiences that would later define his career.

Despite the move to Victoria, Grant remained connected to his family’s heritage and spent his holidays at the Denyer family farm located in Ariah Park, New South Wales. These moments in rural New South Wales likely provided a contrast to his urban life in Dandenong and contributed to his well-rounded perspective and adaptability, traits that would serve him well in his roles as a television and radio presenter, as well as a motor racing driver. Grant Denyer’s early life journey reflects the rich tapestry of his Australian upbringing and his eventual success in the entertainment industry.

Grant Denyer Wife

Grant Denyer’s wife, Cheryl Rogers, is a notable TV producer and is also known for her role as the founder of Mummy Time. Cheryl Denyer entered the public eye through her marriage to the famous Australian TV personality, Grant Denyer, whose full name is Grant Craig Denyer.

The couple’s love story began long before they exchanged vows in 2010 at a picturesque location on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, Australia. Their enduring relationship was built on a strong foundation of shared experiences and deep connection.

Currently, the charming couple resides on a sprawling 27-acre property just outside Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. Their life together is not only marked by their successful careers but also by their active involvement with Country Support, showcasing their commitment to giving back to the community and supporting important causes. Cheryl Denyer’s partnership with Grant Denyer has not only enriched their personal lives but has also allowed them to make a positive impact on their community.

Grant Denyer Children

Grant Denyer and his wife, Chezzi, are proud parents to three children. Their eldest child, Sailor, is 10 years old, followed by Scout, who is six years old, and their youngest, Sunday, who is two years old.

Sunday’s journey has been notable, as she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in the previous year. However, in March 2023, there was cause for celebration as Sunday was finally free of her hip brace after a nine-month period. Grant Denyer expressed his joy by sharing a heartwarming video of Sunday running down their hallway without her brace, radiating happiness.

The Denyer family’s experiences and adventures are frequently shared on social media, showcasing their close-knit and loving bond. Chezzi, in particular, has been open about her personal growth journey and spiritual experiences, often discussing them on the “It’s All True” podcast, which she co-hosts with Grant. Their family life is characterized by a strong sense of togetherness and support, with both parents actively involved in their children’s lives and well-being.

Grant Denyer Net Worth

Grant Denyer’s source of income primarily comes from his career in the entertainment industry. He has worked as a television and radio presenter, hosting various shows on Australian networks like the Seven Network and Network 10. Grant has also earned income as a motor racing driver. His television career includes hosting programs like “Sunrise,” “Dancing with the Stars,” and “Family Feud,” among others. These hosting roles have contributed significantly to his income over the years.

Grant Denyer Net Worth


Grant Denyer

Net Worth

$5 Million


television and radio presenter and motor racing driver

Grant Denyer Achievements

Grant Denyer has achieved significant recognition and accolades throughout his career in the entertainment industry:

Logie Award Nominations

Grant Denyer’s talent and contributions to Australian television have earned him four nominations for the prestigious Logie Award for Best Presenter. He received nominations in 2007, 2008, and 2009 for his roles on shows like “It Takes Two” and “Australia’s Got Talent.” He was also nominated again in 2015 for his hosting role on “Family Feud.”

TV Fugly Awards

In 2006, Grant Denyer received recognition from the TV Fugly Awards, where he was voted as “Australia’s Spunkiest Male TV Personality.” This acknowledgment reflects his popularity and appeal to television viewers.

Sexiest Presenter and Most Datable Male

Grant Denyer’s charm and charisma have not gone unnoticed, as he was voted the “sexiest presenter on TV” in a Melbourne Metro magazine poll. Additionally, he earned the title of the “most datable male” by Australian New Woman magazine, highlighting his widespread admiration.

Silver Logie Award

In 2016, Grant Denyer’s work on “Family Feud” earned him the silver Logie Award for Best Entertainment Program. This recognition is a testament to his success as a television host and presenter.

Gold Logie Award

In 2018, Grant Denyer achieved one of the highest honors in Australian television by winning the Gold Logie, which is awarded to the Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. This award underscores his immense popularity and impact in the industry.

Grant Denyer’s achievements reflect his talent, charisma, and the positive reception he has received from both viewers and industry peers throughout his career.

Grant Denyer Age

As of 2023, Grant Denyer is 45 years old. Throughout his journey in the entertainment industry, he has demonstrated dedication, versatility, and a strong work ethic. His ability to successfully transition between roles as a television presenter, radio host, and motor racing driver showcases his adaptability and determination.

Moreover, Grant’s achievements, including winning prestigious awards like the Gold Logie and earning nominations for Best Presenter, highlight his impact on the Australian entertainment landscape. His resilience in overcoming health challenges and his commitment to personal growth and well-being also serve as sources of inspiration.

Grant Denyer Height

Grant Denyer stands at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches (5′ 5″ or 165 cm). His height places him in the average range for adult males. It’s important to note that Grant Denyer’s height is just one aspect of his physical attributes, and he is widely recognized and celebrated for his accomplishments as a television presenter and motor racing driver, as well as his contributions to the entertainment industry in Australia.

What Happened to Grant Denyer?

Grant Denyer experienced serious health problems as a result of his fast-paced lifestyle during his time as a weather presenter on Sunrise. The constant travel, adrenaline-filled live broadcasting, and numerous stunts took a toll on his health, leading to massive chronic fatigue. His organs were found to be functioning at only about 7 percent, and doctors warned him that if he didn’t make significant changes, it could have life-threatening consequences. Consequently, Denyer realized the seriousness of the situation and chose to prioritize his health over television success and ratings.

What Health Issues Grant Denyer Have?

Grant Denyer faced significant health issues, including massive chronic fatigue and organ dysfunction. His fast-paced lifestyle as a weather presenter on Sunrise, characterized by constant travel, adrenaline-fueled live broadcasting, and numerous stunts, pushed his body “to the limit.” Doctors found that his organs were running at only about 7 percent efficiency, and they warned him that if he didn’t make drastic changes to his lifestyle, it could lead to a potentially life-threatening situation. Consequently, Denyer had to prioritize his health over his television career and success.

What is Grant Denyer Doing Now?

Grant Denyer collapsed on the set of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition, and paramedics rushed to provide medical assistance as he shook and shivered. This dramatic incident is featured in a trailer for the show’s upcoming season. Grant and his wife, Chezzi, are part of the cast, along with other celebrity pairs.

This comes after Chezzi was recently hospitalized for a severe eye infection, and doctors initially suspected a possible connection to a particular act between her and Grant. However, tests ruled out that possibility, and it turned out to be a different issue. The incident generated concern among fans, but Chezzi later clarified the situation on her podcast, “It’s All True.”

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