Is investing in gym franchises really a good deal?

Expert warns that just opening an establishment with a brand already known in the market does not guarantee success

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Investing in a franchise is certainly a good option to undertake in Brazil. Data from the Performance Survey of the Brazilian Franchising Association point out that the sector recorded growth of more than 18% in revenues in the third quarter of 2022 when compared to the previous three months.

Still according to the survey, franchises aimed at the health and wellness segment are among those that grew the most compared to the same period in 2021. However, those who believe that just investing in a franchise is a guarantee of success, especially when it comes to the fitness sector.

This is exactly what Antonio Maganhotte Junior, CEO of Tecnofit, a Brazilian fitness management platform, points out.

“The fitness market is fertile ground and offers countless possibilities, such as investing in franchises. However, it is important to highlight that just opening an establishment with a brand already known in the market does not guarantee that the business will prosper. It is necessary to invest in efficient management based on technology”, he points out.

People are concerned about health

According to IHRSA, Global Association of Health and Fitness, the Brazilian fitness market earned US$ 2.1 billion in 2019, positioning itself as the third largest in the Americas.

In line with this scenario, the sector, which was greatly impacted by social isolation, grew again with more and more people concerned and investing in health and well-being after the pandemic.

The Tecnofit executive believes that there is room for growth, especially in relation to fitness businesses that value planning and good management.

“We believe that the expectation is for greater growth when compared to the pre-pandemic period”, he points out.

Planning is essential to be successful.

Maganhotte points out that among the benefits of adopting a management platform is the ability to view the business broadly and understand which fronts need to be applied or not.

In addition, issues related to cash flow, relationship with students, as well as short, medium and long-term planning can also be optimized through technology.

“Through management systems, it is possible to centralize data and business results, as well as to take advantage of tools that help with sales, finance, relationships, goals, etc. Investment in technological solutions for management, linked to the good moment of the current market, can be a fundamental factor for the fitness business to scale significantly”, he concludes.

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