Is J Schwanke Married? Who is J Schwanke Married?

Is J Schwanke Married? 

J Schwanke, the acclaimed floral designer, is happily married to Kelly James Blank. They embarked on their journey of love and commitment on October 21, 2013, in a picturesque wedding ceremony held in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The ceremony was made even more special as it was officiated by Laura Daluga, a close friend of the couple.

Their love story began when J Schwanke crossed paths with Kelly Blank at a local farmers’ market in Michigan, where she was working as a vendor. Their connection blossomed, and they soon found themselves falling deeply in love. After three years of nurturing their relationship, J Schwanke decided to propose to Kelly Blank on a memorable Valentine’s Day while they were exploring the enchanting Mackinac Island in Michigan. Overwhelmed with joy, Kelly Blank happily accepted the heartfelt proposal, and they sealed their commitment to each other.

J Schwanke takes great delight in sharing glimpses of his wonderful wife, Kelly Blank, with his followers on social media platforms. Together, they have also collaborated on projects such as J Schwanke’s captivating show, “Life in Bloom,” and the remarkable book “Bloom 365 – the essential guide to floral design.” Their shared passion for creativity and design further strengthens their bond.

As a couple, J Schwanke and Kelly James Blank relish the joys of exploring new destinations and immersing themselves in thrilling adventures. Their harmonious companionship is evident in their frequent travels and their shared experiences of discovering the beauty the world has to offer.

J Schwanke and Kelly James Blank continue to celebrate their cherished union each year on October 21st, commemorating their wedding anniversary. They radiate happiness and are often seen enjoying each other’s company in various social settings, leaving a lasting impression with their captivating love story.

Who is J Schwanke Married?

J Schwanke is married to Mr. Kelly James Blank, a skilled graphic designer and the co-founder of J Schwanke Productions. With a strong bond that has spanned over 25 years, they exchanged vows in 2013. Kelly actively contributes to J’s literary works and television programs, displaying their seamless partnership. Although J Schwanke has not disclosed his spouse’s full name publicly, he affectionately refers to him as “Kelly” in interviews and on social media platforms.

Renowned for his expertise in floral design, J Schwanke holds a prominent position as a television personality. He captivates audiences as the host of the popular HGTV show “Flowers Untamed” and has authored multiple books on the art of floral design. J Schwanke also co-founded J Schwanke Productions, an esteemed company that produces exceptional floral design content for television, print, and digital media.

Kelly James Blank plays a vital role in J Schwanke Productions as a talented graphic designer and co-founder. Alongside J, he actively collaborates on various books and television ventures, contributing his remarkable design skills and acute attention to detail. Kelly’s unwavering support and collaborative spirit bring J’s vision to life in the most remarkable ways.

Together, J Schwanke and Kelly James Blank form an exceptional team. Their remarkable talents, shared passion for floral design, and commitment to collaboration create an environment where they consistently produce exceptional work. Their harmonious partnership and creative synergy are evident in every project they undertake, solidifying their reputation as an inspiring duo in the industry.


J Schwanke and Kelly Blank

J Schwanke and Kelly Blank make a wonderful couple. J Schwanke is a renowned floral designer and host of the television show, “Life in Bloom,” which airs nationwide. Kelly Blank, his wife, is a freelance graphic designer who specializes in print design, branding, and marketing.

J Schwanke is known for his innovative designs and his ability to transform ordinary flowers into exquisite works of art. He is also an author and a public speaker, and his expertise has been sought by many organizations across the world.

Kelly Blank, on the other hand, has worked with various clients, including J Schwanke, to create beautiful designs that capture the essence of their vision. She has also collaborated with her husband on several occasions, bringing her design skills to his television show, “Life in Bloom,” and his book, “Bloom 365 – The Essential Guide to…”.

J Schwanke and Kelly Blank share a passion for design and creativity, which has brought them closer together over the years. They complement each other’s skills and support each other in their respective careers. Their love for each other is evident through their social media posts, which often show them working together on creative projects or simply enjoying each other’s company.

J Schwanke is happily married to Kelly Blank, who is a talented graphic designer. They make a wonderful couple and have supported each other through their respective careers.

Is J Schwanke Have Kids?

J Schwanke and his husband, Kelly James Blank, have been in a committed relationship for over 25 years. Although they have not had any children, they have found immense fulfillment and joy in their lives together. In a 2017 interview, J Schwanke expressed their openness to the idea of having kids but acknowledged that it simply didn’t happen for them. They have embraced their child-free lifestyle and feel content and fulfilled in their relationship.

While they may not have their own children, J Schwanke and Kelly Blank have developed close relationships with their nieces and nephews. They cherish the role of being fun-loving uncles and take pleasure in being actively involved in their lives. This connection with their extended family brings them joy and a sense of fulfillment.

J Schwanke is deeply passionate about his work as a floral designer and feels that he is making a meaningful impact in the world through his creative endeavors. He and Kelly support each other’s professional pursuits and find solace in the shared passion for design and creativity that unites them.

In a 2022 interview, J Schwanke reaffirmed that their decision not to have children continues to bring them happiness. They feel that their lives are complete and that they have everything they need. Grateful for the life they have built together, they embrace their child-free journey and find fulfillment in their relationship and the creative endeavors they pursue.

J Schwanke and Kelly Blank’s love and bond are evident in their shared passion, support for each other’s careers, and the joy they find in each other’s company. They have built a life filled with love, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the choices they have made. Their story exemplifies the fulfillment and contentment that can be found in different paths of life.

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