Is Mattie McKiernan Retiring? What Happened to Mattie McKiernan? Is Mattie McKiernan Going to Retire?

Who is Mattie McKiernan?

Mattie McKiernan is a talented professional cricketer from England who has been an integral part of Derbyshire County Cricket Club. His cricketing journey began in 2018 when he made his debut in the dynamic Twenty20 format for Derbyshire. Over the years, he showcased his skills and versatility by also participating in List A matches, notably in the Royal London One-Day Cup.

McKiernan is renowned for his right-handed batting technique, which enables him to adapt to various game situations and play a wide array of shots. Furthermore, his right-arm leg break bowling adds to his cricketing repertoire, making him an invaluable all-rounder for the team. Throughout his tenure with Derbyshire, he consistently made significant contributions on the field, earning recognition and respect among cricket enthusiasts.


Matthew Harry McKiernan

Date of Birth

June 14, 1994



Place of Birth

Billinge Higher End, Manchester, England

Batting Style


Bowling Style

Right-arm leg-break

First-Class Debut

September 16, 2019 for Derbyshire


Announced retirement at the end of 2023

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Is Mattie McKiernan Retiring?

Yes, Mattie McKiernan has made the significant decision to retire from professional cricket, and this retirement will take effect at the conclusion of the 2023 season. After dedicating several seasons to representing Derbyshire with passion and skill, McKiernan has chosen to embark on a new chapter in his career.

He aspires to transition into coaching, where he intends to impart his extensive knowledge and experiences gained from the professional cricketing world to nurture the talents of the next generation of cricketers, helping them realize their potential in the sport.


Mattie McKiernan’s Batting and Bowling Style

Mattie McKiernan’s cricketing prowess is marked by a unique combination of skills. He is a right-handed batsman, and this versatility with the bat allows him to adapt and excel in different cricketing scenarios and formats. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his ability to make valuable contributions with the bat, consistently adding crucial runs to his team’s tally.

However, what truly distinguishes McKiernan is his proficiency in right-arm leg-break bowling. This leg-spin bowling style provides a dual threat on the field, making him a genuine all-rounder. With the ability to both bat and bowl effectively, McKiernan has played a pivotal role in enhancing his team’s performance, showcasing his adaptability and versatility in the world of cricket.

What Happened to Mattie McKiernan?

Mattie McKiernan, after several seasons of playing professional cricket for Derbyshire, has chosen to retire from the sport and pursue a career in coaching.

Mattie McKiernan’s Age

Born on 14th June 1994, Mattie McKiernan was 29 years old at the time of his retirement. Despite his relatively young age, he brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the cricketing arena, showcasing his talents in both batting and bowling disciplines. His retirement marks the end of one phase of his cricketing journey, with the promise of another exciting chapter as he embarks on a coaching career to share his knowledge and passion for the sport with the next generation of cricketers.

Mattie McKiernan’s Nationality

Mattie McKiernan proudly holds English nationality, representing his connection to the cricketing heritage of England. Hailing from Billinge Higher End, Manchester, England, he has been a part of the cricketing landscape in the country, contributing his skills and passion to the sport. His English heritage reflects his association with the rich tradition of cricket in England, a nation with a deep-rooted love for the game.

Where is Mattie McKiernan?

Following his retirement from professional cricket, Mattie McKiernan is set to embark on a new phase in his career. He plans to transition into the role of a coach, channeling his extensive knowledge and experience gained from his years in professional cricket.

While his exact location may vary as he takes on coaching opportunities, his focus will be on nurturing the talents of aspiring cricketers. He aims to guide and mentor them, helping them develop their cricketing skills and understanding of the game. Mattie’s dedication to cricket continues, albeit in a different capacity, as he contributes to the growth and development of the sport among the upcoming generation of cricketers.

Mattie McKiernan’s Cricket Career

Mattie McKiernan’s cricketing journey has been a testament to his dedication and talent. Before joining Derbyshire, he represented Cumberland, gaining valuable experience and honing his skills. His first-class debut in September 2019 marked the beginning of his professional cricketing career, and it was followed by his List A debut in July 2021.

One of the notable highlights of his career came in April 2022 when he achieved a significant milestone by scoring his maiden century in first-class cricket during a match against Leicestershire. This century showcased his prowess with the bat and underscored his potential as a cricketer. McKiernan’s journey in cricket has been marked by growth, determination, and the ability to make meaningful contributions to his team, leaving a lasting impact in the sport.

Is Mattie McKiernan Going to Retire?

Yes, Mattie McKiernan has already announced his retirement from professional cricket.

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