Is Monique Lagrange Related to Adriana Lagrange? Who is Monique Lagrange? Who is Adriana Lagrange?

Is Monique Lagrange Related to Adriana Lagrange?

Yes, Monique LaGrange is related to Adriana LaGrange. Monique LaGrange’s connection to Adriana LaGrange is established through their shared familial ties. Specifically, Monique LaGrange is a distant relative of Adriana LaGrange, who holds the position of the provincial Health Minister and previously served as a Red Deer Catholic trustee.

While this connection certainly signifies a family relationship, it’s important to note that it may not be a particularly close or immediate one. Nevertheless, their shared family background still links them in some capacity.

Who is Monique Lagrange?

Monique LaGrange is known as a board member of Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, a position that places her in a significant role within the educational system of the Red Deer region. She gained some attention when she posted an image on her Instagram page, although it’s worth noting that the post was subsequently removed.

However, before its removal, the post managed to draw the interest and attention of the LGBTQ2S+ community in Red Deer. This incident highlights her visibility within the community and her capacity to influence and engage with important local issues.


Who is Adriana Lagrange?

Adriana LaGrange is a Canadian politician who gained prominence through her election in the 2019 Alberta general election. She represents the electoral district of Red Deer-North within the 30th Alberta Legislature. Originally hailing from Ontario, LaGrange relocated to Red Deer in 1981. Her political career took off when she was elected on April 16, 2019, and shortly thereafter, on April 30, 2019, she assumed the significant role of Minister of Education in Alberta. During the 2019 Alberta general election, she emerged victorious in her constituency, securing 12,739 votes, with a substantial 62.6% voter turnout in Red Deer-North.




Adriana Lagrange


1961 or 1962 (age 61–62)

Birth Place

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Political party

United Conservative Party


Red Deer, Alberta


Diploma of Rehab Studies

Adriana Lagrange Family

Adriana LaGrange’s family background is characterized by a deep sense of faith and strong familial ties. She proudly identifies as a passionate woman of faith and is the daughter of immigrant Italian parents, which reflects her cultural heritage. Adriana has been married for an impressive 33 years and is a dedicated mother to seven children, demonstrating her commitment to family life.

Furthermore, she is also a loving grandmother to three grandchildren. In addition to her family roles, Adriana and her husband share the responsibility of owning, running, and operating their family farm, a cherished legacy that has been in their family since 1942. This farm, located on the outskirts of Red Deer, holds great significance for her family and adds to the rich tapestry of her life.

Adriana Lagrange Age

Adriana LaGrange’s age is in the range of 61 to 62 years, reflecting her birth year as either 1961 or 1962. She was born in the city of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. This data places her in her early 60s, which is a significant detail when seeking to ascertain her age.

It’s worth noting that her birthplace in Guelph, Ontario, provides a glimpse into her Canadian roots, and her current age places her in a position of experience and maturity, which is particularly relevant when considering her role and responsibilities in the political landscape.

Adriana Lagrange Career

Adriana LaGrange’s career has been diverse, spanning education, advocacy, and leadership. She began with a diploma in Rehabilitation Studies from Humber College, working with individuals with disabilities. Her career shifted into politics, where she held significant roles in Red Deer, including president of the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association and trustee on the Red Deer Catholic School board.

She also served as vice-president at the Canadian Catholic School Trustees’ Association. Beyond education, she actively engaged in advocacy and community work, notably with organizations like Red-Deer Pro-Life and Alberta pro-life. Her support for Campaign Life Coalition underscores her alignment with pro-life principles. Her career reflects a strong commitment to education, community service, and leadership, especially in politics and advocacy.

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