Is Paige Lowary Arrested? Former College Softball Star Car Crash

Who is Paige Lowary?

Paige Lowary is a former American softball pitcher who hails from Dallas Center, Iowa. She attended Dallas Center-Grimes High School in Grimes, Iowa. Initially, she played softball at the University of Missouri in 2015 and 2016 before transferring to the University of Oklahoma. During her time at Oklahoma, she achieved remarkable success, setting the Sooner career record for saves with 18 in just two seasons.

Her performance in this category ranks among the top 5 in all of NCAA Division I softball. At both universities, she played as both a starting and relief pitcher for their respective college softball teams. In 2017, during her junior season, Lowary played a pivotal role in leading Oklahoma to the final of the Women’s College World Series.

In a thrilling match, her team defeated the top-ranked Florida team, securing a 5-4 victory and claiming the national championship. Following her college career, Lowary was selected as the first overall pick in the National Pro Fastpitch draft. She went on to play for the USSSA Pride during the 2018-2019 season.

Is Paige Lowary Arrested?

Paige Lowary, a highly regarded former college softball player known for her impressive achievements and unwavering dedication, was involved in a significant incident on April 6, 2023, when she was arrested for evading the police.

The circumstances surrounding Lowary’s arrest have not been fully disclosed, and details regarding the specific events leading up to the incident remain limited. However, this unexpected turn of events has undoubtedly shocked and raised concerns within the sports community and among her fans.

Prior to the incident, Lowary had gained recognition for her exceptional performances and contributions to the sport. She had established herself as a standout player with a remarkable track record, showcasing her skills and determination both on and off the field.

Paige Lowary Arrest

On the morning of April 6, 2023, Paige Lowary, a prominent figure in the college softball world, was taken into custody for eluding police. This unexpected development has had a significant impact on the sports community. Known for her exceptional athletic abilities and resilience, Lowary, originally from Dallas Center, Iowa, holds the career record for saves (18) in just two seasons at the University of Oklahoma Sooners.

Her outstanding performance ranks her among the top five in the NCAA Division I category. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Lowary was charged with eluding police, although specific details regarding the circumstances leading to her arrest have not been disclosed at this time.

Following her arrest, Lowary was held for a duration of 12 hours before being released on a $5,000 bond. The news of her arrest and the surrounding circumstances have raised concerns among her fans, peers, and the wider community.

Paige Lowary Car Accident

In a surprising turn of events, Paige Lowary, a senior left-handed pitcher for the University of Oklahoma Sooners’ softball team, was involved in a minor car accident. This incident has caused concern among the Oklahoma sports community. Sports journalist Brooke Pryor confirmed the occurrence of the accident, which took place on the night of May 19, 2018.

Lowary’s role as a key player and valuable asset to the team was emphasized. As a result of the accident, Lowary’s teammate Paige Parker stepped in to replace her in the pitcher’s position for the winner’s bracket game against Tulsa. It’s worth noting that Parker had also experienced a car accident previously.

Fortunately, Lowary’s injuries were minor, and although she was “knicked up” according to ESPN, it was not expected for Parker to pitch on that day. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about the specifics of the accident, such as whether it involved another vehicle or if Lowary sustained any injuries.

Paige Lowary Injury

During her time at Missouri in her second season, Paige Lowary encountered a significant injury while pitching against the Oregon Ducks softball team. A ball hit by outfielder Alyssa Gillespie struck Lowary in the face, causing a severe injury. The incident had a profound emotional impact on Lowary, leading her to make the decision to transfer to Oklahoma.

At Oklahoma, Lowary received support and guidance from the coaching staff, including Patty Gasso and Melyssa Lombardi. They worked closely with her to help rebuild her confidence and regain her form as a pitcher. Their efforts aimed to assist Lowary in overcoming the emotional and physical challenges brought on by the injury.

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2015 18 7 37 26 6 0 4 162.2 152 97 79 78 164 3.41 1.42
2016 25 8 44 31 16 4 2 198.0 186 110 92 103 151 3.25 1.46
2017 16 3 43 16 4 1 11 146.2 84 40 32 33 122 1.53 0.80
2018 10 2 41 6 2 1 7 96.0 66 19 15 14 74 1.09 0.83
TOTALS 69 20 165 79 28 6 24 603.1 488 266 218 228 511 2.53 1.18

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