Is Reagan Charleston Still Married to Reece Thomas? Know Her Marital Status

Is Reagan Charleston Still Married to Reece Thomas?

Reagan Charleston, star of the reality show “Southern Charm New Orleans,” has recently shared a major update about her personal life: she has married Reece Thomas, with whom she had previously dated 10 years ago before her marriage to Jeff. The couple’s chemistry was instant when they reconnected, and it felt like they picked up where they left off, according to Reagan. She described it as feeling like “serendipity” and that everything happened for a reason.

For Reagan, it was a welcome change after the collapse of her previous marriage, as Reece felt familiar and right for her. After six months of rekindling their relationship, the couple became serious and started discussing marriage and starting a family. Reagan Charleston is a reality TV star best known for her role on Southern Charm New Orleans. Recently, she surprised fans with the news that she had rekindled a relationship with her former flame Reece Thomas. After six months, the couple decided to tie the knot, and Reagan credits Reece with helping her realize that she wants a family despite previously convincing herself otherwise.

How Long has Reagan Charleston been Married For?

Reagan Charleston, known for her appearance on Southern Charm New Orleans, has been through a lot in recent years. Following her divorce from ex-husband Jeff Charleston, which was finalized less than a year ago, Reagan has found happiness in a new relationship with Reece Thomas. The couple got married in December 2018, but Reagan decided to keep her last name Charleston because it was already associated with all of her professional documents and business.

Reagan and Reece have known each other for more than a decade, having dated before they went their separate ways after college. After her divorce, they reconnected, and it was clear that they had an instant connection. “Especially after my divorce, it was so nice to have someone who felt familiar,” Reagan said. “Right when I felt ready to start dating again, Reece came back in my life. It felt like serendipity. Like everything happened for a reason. There’s no other way to describe it: it just feels right.” Fans of Southern Charm New Orleans will be able to follow Reagan and Reece’s relationship in the show’s second season, including their romantic nuptials. It’s an exciting new chapter for Reagan, and it’s clear that she’s happy and excited for what the future holds.

Who is Reagan Charleston Husband?

Reagan Charleston, who rose to fame as a star on Southern Charm New Orleans, has had a rollercoaster love life. She first got married to Jeff Charleston in 2012, a former American football defensive end, but their marriage eventually ended in 2018. After their separation, Reagan decided to take time to focus on herself and her career, but fate had other plans for her.

In December 2018, Reagan married Reece Thomas. While some may have been surprised that Reagan jumped into a new relationship so soon after her divorce, she says it just felt right. Reece, who she had dated a decade prior, re-entered her life at the perfect time. “He’s my second chance,” Reagan says. “I immediately realized what I had in front of me — a second chance at love, at being happy, at a stable marriage, at having a family. I did not miss my chance to get on that boat.”

Reagan chose to keep the Charleston name despite her divorce from Jeff because it was on all of her professional documents and business. She admits that she was terrified of starting over again in her 30s after her divorce, but Reece’s return made everything fall into place. In the second season of Southern Charm New Orleans, viewers got to see Reagan and Reece’s romance play out on camera, including their wedding. Reagan’s story is a reminder that even when things don’t go as planned, there’s always a chance for a second chance at love and happiness.

Reagan Charleston Kids

The couple wasted no time in starting a family and decided to get married shortly after rekindling their romance. According to Reagan, their mutual desire for a family was a driving force in their quick decision-making. Within two months of getting married, Reagan found out she was pregnant. “It felt right and we were on the same page. We both wanted a baby and a family and we were fortunate enough that God blessed us with one, too,” she says.

Despite her excitement about becoming a mother, the delivery of her first child made Reagan anxious. She likes to have everything planned and mapped out, but admits that childbirth is unpredictable. Reagan first announced her pregnancy in February with an adorable family portrait, where she and Thomas held up a sonogram of their baby girl, Reece Ellis Thomas. Their daughter was born on June 12, 2019.

The couple recently welcomed a new addition to their family, a son named Rexford Vance Thomas, who was born on August 23, 2021. The proud parents are overjoyed to have expanded their family and are enjoying every moment with their two young children.

Reagan Charleston

Reagan Charleston is a multi-talented personality who has made her mark in the fields of jewelry designing, law, and reality television. She was born in Mandeville, Louisiana, in 1988, and is of Louisiana Creole descent. Her family background was deeply rooted in art, as her grandparents and mother were copper sculpture artists and owned an art gallery in the French Quarter. This artistic environment inspired her to pursue a career in jewelry designing. In 2015, Charleston enrolled in Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and graduated in May 2018. She opened her jewelry shop, Reagan Charleston Jewelry, in One Canal Place in October 2018. In October 2021, she collaborated with Eugenia Kim to release a collection of hats adorned with her jewelry.

Charleston is also actively involved in various organizations. She sits on the board of Jennifer Hale’s Sideline Pass and is on the style board for One Canal Place. Additionally, she was the Grand Marshall for the 2020 Krewe of Pandora in the Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras parade. Charleston gained further recognition after appearing on the reality television series, Southern Charm New Orleans. She is known for her strong personality, quick wit, and unique fashion sense. Through the show, viewers have been able to witness her personal life, including her marriage to Reece Thomas and the birth of their two children, Reece Ellis Thomas and Rexford Vance Thomas.

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