Is Robin Arzon Pregnant? Is She Expecting Her Second Baby?

Who is Robin Arzon?

Robin Amelia Arzón is an American ultramarathon runner and the author of the book “Shut Up and Run.” She holds the position of VP of Fitness Programming and serves as an instructor at Peloton. Arzon has participated in over 50 races to date, which include 25 marathons, three 50-mile ultramarathons, and one 100-mile race. In 2010, she completed her inaugural marathon, the New York Marathon. Robin Amelia Arzón is the real name of Robin Arzon.

As a tribute to her mother, she undertook the remarkable feat of running five marathons in five consecutive days for MS Run the US, which was captured in the documentary titled “Run It Out.” In 2016, she achieved another significant milestone by completing her first 100-mile race, the Keys100, which commences in Key Largo and concludes in Key West, Florida, all accomplished within a timeframe of fewer than 30 hours.

Is Robin Arzon Pregnant?

Yes, Robin Arzon is pregnant. Robin Arzon is pregnant with her second child. She shared her pregnancy news with her fans through her social media handle. She seemed very happy when she announced her pregnancy news to her husband.

Robin Arzon expressed, “How has this pregnancy been different from my last?” She acknowledged that there is considerably more happening this time around as she finds herself occupied with caring for a toddler, establishing and advancing @swaggersociety, while also managing to uphold her regular Peloton class timetable.

Is Robin Arzon Married?

Yes, Robin Arzon is married. Robin Arzon is married to her husband, Drew Butler. More details about Drew Butler are not known. In 2019, Robin Arzon, a prominent figure in the fitness world, and her husband, investment manager Drew Butler, orchestrated a Tulum wedding that might not have appealed to everyone. Their unique celebration featured elements such as an all-vegan menu, sunrise yoga, and even a wedding day 5K run. However, what mattered most was that it perfectly suited the couple’s preferences and ideals.

Having initially crossed paths serendipitously at a speakeasy located in New York City’s East Village in 2016, Arzon and Butler aimed to infuse their February wedding festivities with a blend of Burning Man’s spiritual essence and the serenity found in their natural surroundings. They also made sure to curate a playlist that included exceptional songs and music mixes to keep their guests grooving on the dance floor throughout the celebration.

Who is Robin Arzon Married to?

Robin Arzon is married to Drew Butler. Robin and investment manager Drew Butler tied the knot in Tulum, Mexico, in 2019. The couple first crossed paths at a speakeasy bar located in Manhattan’s East Village during the year 2016. Drawing inspiration from their shared passion for Burning Man, they curated a unique and immersive four-day wedding celebration.

Like many other celebrities who support their wives’ careers, Drew Butler also assists his wife. More than that, he is a caretaker for his wife, providing confidence during her struggles. Drew Butler has generated a complete family for his wife, Robin Arzon, making her proud to identify as a family woman. Robin Arzon cares for his child properly as a father.

How Old is Robin Arzon?

Robin Arzon was born in 1982 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Born in Philadelphia, Robin Arzón’s parents hail from diverse backgrounds. Robin Arzon is 41 years old. Her mother, a Cuban refugee, pursued a career as a doctor and independently learned English by watching PBS. Meanwhile, her father, of Puerto Rican descent, worked as an attorney and previously served as a law professor.

During her childhood, the emphasis was placed on education and family, with athletics not being a prominent aspect of her upbringing. Arzón pursued higher education at New York University, where she achieved academic distinction, graduating magna cum laude. Subsequently, she enrolled at Villanova University School of Law to further her studies.

Robin Arzon Kids

Robin Arzon has a kid. On March 2, 2021, Arzon and Butler joyfully shared the news of their first child’s arrival, a daughter named Athena Amelia Arzón-Butler. It’s worth noting that Arzon follows a vegan lifestyle.

During her time as an undergraduate student in the summer of 2002, Arzón found herself among 40 others who were taken hostage in a wine bar located in Manhattan’s East Village. In this harrowing incident, a man armed with three pistols and a samurai sword shot three people and proceeded to douse the group with kerosene. He then threatened them with a barbecue lighter. Arzón, specifically, was targeted when the man seized her by the hair, positioning the gun and lighter against her head while using her as a human shield to communicate with the police. Fortunately, two patrons bravely tackled the man, enabling the police to enter the bar and subdue him.

This traumatic experience served as the catalyst for Arzon’s inaugural venture into running. It was in 2003 when she came across a flyer for a 10K race displayed at a bank. Spontaneously, she made the decision to participate in the run the following morning. This particular 10K race marked both Arzon’s very first race and her initial foray into athletics. Reflecting on her impulsive choice, she admitted, “I had no idea how far the 10-kilometer distance was in miles.” Following the race, she began incorporating regular 2- to 3-mile runs into her schedule, fitting them in between her law school classes.

When is Robin Arzon Due?

Robin Arzon is expecting her second child in 2023. In a clip, someone asked Athena, “Are you excited for the baby?” and the girl replies, “happy!”

Athena is shown rubbing and kissing her mother’s belly. “Six more months,” Athena’s father tells her.

“The baby’s cooking,” Arzón replied.

Arzón captioned the video, “Arzón-Butler Baby #2 is on the way. We are overjoyed, and Athena is so excited to be a big sister!”

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