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Rosalía Vila Tobella, professionally known as Rosalía, is a Spanish singer and songwriter who has gained international recognition for her unique blend of flamenco, pop, and hip-hop music. Born on September 25, 1992, Rosalía was raised in the outskirts of Barcelona and developed a fascination for Spanish folk music at the age of 13.

She went on to study musicology at the Catalonia College of Music, all while performing at musical bars and weddings. In 2017, Rosalía collaborated with musician Raül Refree on the album Los Ángeles, which was a critical success and earned her academic honors upon completion of her studies.

However, it was her second studio album, El Mal Querer, released in 2018, that propelled Rosalía to stardom. The album blended flamenco with pop and hip-hop and produced hit singles “Malamente” and “Pienso en tu Mirá”, which were universally acclaimed by both fans and critics alike. In fact, the album won the Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year and was even listed in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Rosalía continued to experiment with different genres, and in 2019, she explored urbano music with the release of “Con Altura” and “Yo x Ti, Tú x Mí”, both of which achieved global success. Her third studio album, Motomami, released in 2022, saw her depart from the new flamenco sound of her previous album and instead gave reggaeton an experimental twist.

The album was a critical success, with its singles “La Fama” and “Saoko” garnering international attention. In fact, Motomami became the best-reviewed album of the year on Metacritic.

Is Rosalia Pregnant ?

Rumors of Rosalia’s pregnancy have been circulating, but the singer has not commented publicly on the subject. Some fans became suspicious after seeing her wearing baggy clothes and mistaking what they thought was a pregnancy bulge. However, it is important to note that there has been no confirmation or denial from Rosalia herself, and it is possible that she is not pregnant at all.

During a recent interview with Marca, Rosalia did not address any of the rumors surrounding her personal life, choosing instead to focus on her music and upcoming projects. It is still unclear whether the reports of her engagement to Rauw Alejandro and possible pregnancy are true or not. While fans are eager for confirmation, it is crucial to respect their privacy and avoid excessive speculation about their personal lives.

Is Rosalia Getting Married?

Exciting news for music fans and romantics alike: after months of speculation, it’s official that Spanish singer Rosalía and Puerto Rican musician Rauw Alejandro are engaged! The couple announced their engagement on Friday, putting an end to rumors that had been circulating for months.

Rosalía, who has become a household name for her unique blend of flamenco and pop music, has been romantically linked to Rauw Alejandro for the past three years. Fans have been eagerly waiting for any news about their relationship, and many were convinced that a proposal was imminent.

The announcement came via Rosalía’s social media accounts, where she shared a series of photos of herself and Rauw Alejandro, along with a caption that read, “I love you always and forever. Yes, yes, yes!” Rauw Alejandro also shared the same photos on his own Instagram page, writing, “You make me the happiest man in the world. I love you forever.”

The news of their engagement has been met with an outpouring of love and congratulations from fans and fellow musicians alike. Many have expressed their excitement for the couple, while others have commented on how beautiful Rosalía looked in her engagement photos.

Rosalia Husband 

Rosalia engaged to Rauw Alejandro. Rauw Alejandro is a talented Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and actor who was born on January 10, 1993. He is widely known as the “King of Modern Reggaeton,” and has quickly become one of the most popular and influential musicians of his generation.

As a member of “the new generation” of Puerto Rican urban musicians, Rauw Alejandro has made a significant impact on the music industry with his unique blend of reggaeton, trap, and R&B. His music is characterized by catchy beats, soulful melodies, and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners around the world.

In November 2020, Rauw Alejandro released his debut studio album, Afrodisíaco, which received critical acclaim and helped establish him as one of the most promising young talents in the Latin music scene. The album featured collaborations with a number of well-known artists, including Anuel AA, J Balvin, and Tainy.

Following the success of Afrodisíaco, Rauw Alejandro released his second studio album, Vice Versa, in June 2021. The album’s lead single, “Todo de Ti,” quickly became a massive hit, racking up millions of streams and earning praise from fans and critics alike.

Where is Rosalia now?

Rosalia is now in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Catalonia, Spain.Rosalía, the Spanish singer-songwriter, is known for her unique blend of flamenco, pop, and electronic music. Her musical influences are varied and eclectic, ranging from traditional flamenco artists to contemporary pop icons.

One of Rosalía’s major influences is Camarón de la Isla, a legendary flamenco singer from Spain. She discovered his music by chance when she was 13 years old and was immediately captivated by his powerful voice. Rosalía credits Camarón de la Isla with introducing her to the world of flamenco and inspiring her to explore its endless possibilities.

Another flamenco influence on Rosalía is La Niña de los Peines, a female flamenco singer who was a pioneer in a male-dominated industry. Although Rosalía didn’t appreciate her recordings at first, she later came to appreciate her creative spirit and the impact she had on the world of flamenco.

Björk is another major influence on Rosalía, who credits the Icelandic singer with paving the way for female producers. Rosalía has said that she “thank God for Björk’s existence” and admires her bold and unconventional approach to music.

James Blake, a British musician known for his minimalist and experimental approach to electronic music, is another influence on Rosalía. She discovered his music while in university and was struck by his bold character and free structures. Rosalía collaborated with Blake on his song “Barefoot in the Park”, which was released in 2019.

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