Is Semi Pro Based on a True Story? Plot and Ending Explained 

Semi Pro

Semi-Pro is a 2008 American sports comedy film that follows the story of a fictional American Basketball Association (ABA) team struggling to survive the league’s merger with the NBA during its final season. The movie was directed by Kent Alterman in his directorial debut, written by Scot Armstrong, and produced by Jimmy Miller. It stars Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, André Benjamin, and Maura Tierney.

The film was shot in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Flint, Michigan. The gym of the Los Angeles City Fire Department Training Center, located near Dodger Stadium, was also used for filming. Semi-Pro was released in theaters on February 19, 2008, and was later released on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on June 3, 2008. It was also the last film produced by New Line Cinema before the company was absorbed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Semi-Pro received generally negative reviews from critics, who criticized the script. However, Ferrell’s performance in the movie was widely praised. Despite the mixed reviews, the movie went on to gross over $43 million worldwide. In the film, Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, the owner-coach-player of the Flint Tropics, a struggling ABA team. Moon is a former pop star who uses his fame and fortune to keep the team afloat. 

Is Semi Pro Based on a True Story?

The movie ‘Semi-Pro’ is a sports comedy film that features the fictional story of a struggling basketball team, the Flint Tropics, set in the 1970s. The movie stars Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon, the owner, coach, and power forward of the Tropics. The story revolves around Moon’s efforts to save his team from extinction and secure a spot in the NBA by winning the ABA championship.

While the plot of the movie is fictional, it is based on real-life events that took place in the 1970s. The ABA was a professional basketball league in the United States that operated from 1967 to 1976. The league was known for its innovative rules, such as the three-point shot, and its flamboyant players and franchises. The NBA, on the other hand, was the established professional basketball league in the country.

In the early 1970s, both leagues were struggling financially, and the owners saw the potential benefits of merging the two leagues together. The movie accurately portrays the efforts of the two leagues to merge, and the excitement it generated among basketball fans across the nation. The film also depicts the struggle of the ABA teams, such as the Flint Tropics, to remain viable during the transition period.

Semi Pro Ending Explained 

In a surprising turn of events, basketball player Withers made the decision to abandon his chance at the NBA with the Spurs and rejoin his former team, the Tropics. Withers cited his dissatisfaction with the Spurs and his desire to be a part of a team that truly felt like family as his reasons for returning to the Tropics. Withers’ decision to leave the Spurs and return to the Tropics may have cost him his chance at a successful NBA career.

Many experts in the field are speculating that this move could ultimately hurt his chances of being picked up by another NBA team in the future. Meanwhile, Jackie, a member of the Tropics, found himself unconscious and imagining that he was in heaven with his mother. In his dream, he apologizes to his mother for stealing her song and is given a weapon to help him win.

This dream sequence is symbolic of Jackie’s internal struggle as he battles with guilt over stealing his mother’s song and his desire to win at all costs. The weapon given to him by his mother represents the power and determination he needs to overcome these obstacles and become a better person. As Jackie wakes up from his dream, he realizes that he must make amends for his past mistakes and work harder than ever to help his team succeed. 

Semi Pro Cast 



Will Ferrell  Jackie Moon
Woody Harrelson  Ed Monix
André Benjamin  Clarence Withers
Maura Tierney  Lynn
Andy Daly  Dick Pepperfield
Will Arnett  Lou Redwood
Andy Richter  Bobby Dee
David Koechner  Commissioner
Rob Corddry  Kyle
Matt Walsh  Father Pat the Ref 
Jackie Earle Haley  Dukes
DeRay Davis  Bee Bee Ellis
Josh Braaten  Twiggy Munson

Semi Pro Plot 

In 1976, a man named Jackie Moon rose to fame as a singer with his one-hit wonder, “Love Me Sexy.” With the money he earned from his hit song, he decided to buy a struggling basketball team in the American Basketball Association (ABA) called the Flint Tropics. He became the owner, head coach, starting power forward, and even the pre-game announcer for the team.

They were the worst team in the league and were in danger of dissolving. Their fate seemed sealed when the ABA Commissioner announced a plan to merge the league with the National Basketball Association (NBA). But there was a catch – only four teams would be chosen to join the more established league. Jackie realized that the Tropics were not likely to be one of the chosen teams, so he had to come up with a plan fast.

In a stroke of brilliance, he suggested that the teams with the four best records should be the ones to merge with the NBA. The Commissioner was impressed with the idea and agreed to it. The Tropics, with their dismal record, were given a new lease on life. They began to play with renewed energy and vigor, and their fortunes started to turn around. With Jackie’s guidance as both owner and coach, the team began to win games and rise up the ranks.

As the season drew to a close, it became clear that the Tropics were one of the top four teams in the league. They had earned their spot in the NBA and Jackie’s quick thinking had saved the team from dissolution. The Tropics had gone from being the laughingstock of the league to a team to be reckoned with, all thanks to Jackie’s determination and ingenuity.

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