Is Shaina Hurley Pregnant? Who is Shaina Hurley?

Is Shaina Hurley Pregnant?

Yes, Shaina Hurley is pregnant. She recently announced the exciting news that she and her husband, Christos Lardakis, are expecting their first child. They conveyed their heartfelt gratitude and overwhelming joy for this beautiful blessing that is on its way.

Shaina also took to social media to spread the word, sharing their excitement with her followers. This moment marks a remarkable and joyous new chapter in her life, and it has been met with warm congratulations from both her devoted fans and fellow Love Is Blind stars who are equally thrilled about this happy occasion.

Who is Shaina Hurley?

Shaina Hurley is a well-known hairstylist and reality TV personality who gained prominence through her participation in Netflix’s popular series, “Love Is Blind.” She became a household name as a contestant on the show’s second season, which aired in 2022. Shaina is recognized for her lively and engaging personality, as well as her earnest quest for lasting love on the show. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she works as a freelance hairstylist in the city, where she showcases her talent and exuberance both on and off the television screen.


Shaina Hurley


September 17, 1989

Birth Sign


Birth Place

United States


33 years old


Who is Shaina Hurley’s Husband?

Shaina Hurley’s husband is Christos Lardakis. Their love story began after Shaina’s memorable appearance on ‘Love Is Blind,’ and their connection grew stronger over time, leading to their beautiful marriage.

Christos Lardakis is the lucky man who won Shaina’s heart, and together, they’ve started an exciting new chapter as a devoted and loving couple. While there may not be many public details available about Christos, their union is a heartwarming example of the enduring power of love and the remarkable connections that can be forged through the unique journey of reality television. Their story continues to inspire and resonate with fans of the show.

Shaina Hurley Age

Shaina Hurley’s age stands at 33 years old, with her birthdate recorded as September 17, 1989. This places her firmly in her early thirties, and it’s evident that her dynamic presence in the realm of reality television, particularly in shows like ‘Love Is Blind,’ reflects her youthful vitality and unwavering determination as she gracefully navigates through a range of life experiences. Her age certainly doesn’t diminish her enthusiasm and zest for the adventures that lie ahead.

Shaina Hurley Net Worth

Shaina Hurley’s estimated net worth is approximately $2 million, a significant sum she has amassed primarily through her career as a hairstylist. Her expertise and talent in the world of hairstyling have evidently been lucrative, allowing her to build a substantial financial foundation.

While Shaina is also known for her appearances on reality television, her primary source of wealth remains her successful hairstyling career, which has contributed to her impressive net worth.

Shaina Hurley Career

Shaina Hurley’s career primarily revolves around her role as a freelance hairstylist based in Chicago, Illinois. With a keen passion for hairstyling, she has honed her skills and established herself as a skilled professional in the industry.

Shaina actively showcases her hairstyling expertise on her Instagram account, providing a platform to share her creative work and connect with her audience. Her dedication to her craft is evident, making hairstyling her central career focus.

Through her Instagram presence, she not only demonstrates her proficiency but also offers glimpses into her personal life, allowing her clients and followers to get to know the talented hairstylist behind the scenes.

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