Is Taylor Frankie Paul Pregnant? Who is Taylor Frankie Paul?

Is Taylor Frankie Paul Pregnant?

Yes, Taylor Frankie Paul is pregnant. She recently announced her pregnancy on Instagram, sharing the exciting news that she and her boyfriend Dakota Mortensen are expecting a baby together. This comes nearly 10 months after she experienced an ectopic pregnancy. Taylor expressed her joy and gratitude for this “rainbow baby” and shared her emotional journey from the past year. Despite some challenges, she is looking forward to this new chapter in her life with Dakota, her children from her previous marriage, Indy and Ocean, and the new baby on the way.

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Who is Taylor Frankie Paul?

Taylor Frankie Paul is an American TikToker and social media influencer who gained recognition for her content on the popular platform TikTok. Known for her engaging videos and online presence, she has amassed a significant following. Taylor is also affiliated with the religious and cultural group known as the Mormons. While she has experienced periods of fame and success on social media, her personal life has also been marked by various controversies and legal issues, including charges related to domestic violence and child abuse.


Taylor Paul

Date of Birth

23 May 1994


29 Years Old

Birth Place

United States


TikToker and Social Media Personality




Taylor Frankie Paul Husband

Taylor Frankie Paul was married to a man named Tate Paul, but in 2022, they decided to get a divorce. Taylor talked openly about why they broke up. She said it was because they had a special agreement with their friends where they swapped partners, but she didn’t follow the rules of that agreement. This caused their marriage to end. Her honesty about this situation helped people understand why they separated.

Taylor Frankie Paul Age

Taylor Frankie Paul was born on May 23, 1994. She’d be about 29 years old. She probably had her 29th birthday earlier this year, which is an important moment in her life. Remember, age keeps going up as time passes, and people learn and change as they go through life. Taylor, at 29, might be working, studying more, or having different life experiences. But her age is just one part of her interesting life story.

Taylor Frankie Paul Instagram

Taylor Frankie Paul Net Worth

Taylor Frankie Paul’s net worth is estimated to be between 3 to 5 million dollars. She’s also got a lot of people following her on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Having so many followers on these websites probably helps her become more influential and may even make her richer. So, Taylor’s success on the internet and in her career shows how well she’s doing in the entertainment and social media world.

Taylor Frankie Paul Early Life

Taylor Frankie Paul began her education at the famous Juilliard School in New York. After that, she went to the Virginia Episcopal School and later studied at Syracuse University in the United States, where she got her degree. During her early years, it was clear that Taylor loved acting and doing other activities outside of school more than her studies. She also has a brother and a sister in her family, which tells us a bit about her personal life and where she comes from.

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