Is the vaccine card Jair Bolsonaro’s “Fiat Elba”? – 05/03/2023

After everything that happened during the Bolsonaro government, the Federal Police’s visit to the former president’s house is motivated by the vaccine card. A lot of people don’t conform and here I’m not talking about the former president’s allies, but his opponents.

They dubbed it genocidal, put faith in harsh judgments by international courts. A fake vaccine card seems like a small accusation, almost perfume in a country where politicians never tire of putting their own class on the police pages.

Could this be Jair Bolsonaro’s “fiat Elba”? Only time will tell. For those who don’t remember history, Brazil already had the people in the streets demanding the impeachment of Fernando Collor in 1992. Thirty years ago, these processes were already very similar to what we see today.

Opponents and opinion makers talk snakes and lizards about the public figure in question and the public begins to think they really have proof of all that. At the “H” time, it really proves that there’s nothing. Then a detail is found that justifies legal action.

It was like that with Collor. He was portrayed as the most corrupt in human history. The evidence they found was a 1991 Fiat Elba vehicle that was in his name and would have been paid with money embezzled by campaign treasurer PC Farias. That’s when the cat climbed onto the roof and the impeachment process began.

Years later, Fernando Collor was acquitted of all corruption cases in the Federal Supreme Court.

With Lula, Dilma and Temer, the legal entanglements were no different.

The investigation in the Lula government exposed a prolific system of corruption in which more than US$ 25 billion were recovered for Petrobras’ coffers. It was money returned over the years through leniency agreements. What was the charge used to put the current president in jail? A loaned place in Atibaia and a triplex in Guarujá.

The same happened in the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. The climate of impeachment had already been created before the allegations of tax pedaling came to light.

In the case of Michel Temer, Brazil stopped to see the pathetic spectacle. The audio was illegally recorded inside the Planalto Palace by businessman Joesley Batista. There was also a video of the advisor running around with the bag of money. One of the investigations that justified the arrest was the Port of Santos, which had been archived years ago by the STF at the request of the Public Ministry.

Jair Bolsonaro says he has not taken a vaccine and has never presented a vaccine document to enter the United States. We will never know whether or not he took a vaccine. What we can find out easily and safely is whether a fake vaccination card was made and whether he used it or not. If confirmed, it is a crime.

The suspicion of the fake card had arisen on January 2 of this year through data scientist Marcelo Oliveira (known as @Capyvara on Twitter) and a member of the interdisciplinary group Infovid, which was dedicated to combating misinformation in the pandemic.

He tracked through OpenDataSUS the vaccination card leaked to the press by an employee of the Comptroller General of the Union, who was already investigating the case. He discovered very strange data on vaccines applied at a post in Duque de Caxias precisely on the dates of two motorcycles in Rio de Janeiro, August 13th and October 14th. The doses were invalidated in the system later, on December 28. The card was not in the name of Jair Bolsonaro.

The current investigation took the opposite path. It was through messages from Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid, Jair Bolsonaro’s assistant, that a story was reached about falsifying a vaccine card at a post in Duque de Caxias.

Messaging on cell phones is the gold of national politics. In today’s operation, the cell phones of Jair Bolsonaro and his wife, Michelle, were seized. There may be messages from everyone who had contact with them.

No reputation can withstand the scrutiny of all your messages. And, if the confiscated cell phones are indeed those used by the two, imagine how many people could end up exposed for the most varied reasons and not just criminal or political ones. Everyone who has exchanged messages with the two or even someone who regularly exchanges messages with the two is now on the alert. The board of national politics has been changed.

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