Is Yolisa Phahle Leaving African Streamer? Who is Yolisa Phahle?

Is Yolisa Phahle Leaving African Streamer?

Yes, Yolisa Phahle is leaving the African streamer, Showmax, after a remarkable tenure of nearly two decades. The announcement of her departure came from the CEO of Showmax’s parent company, MultiChoice, Calvo Mawela, who expressed “mixed emotions” in a note to the staff. Effective from September 1st, Marc Jury has taken over as the interim CEO of Showmax, while the search for a permanent successor is underway.

Interestingly, Yolisa Phahle will not completely sever her ties with the company, as she will be providing “full-time advisory support” to Marc Jury for the next six months. After that period, from March 2024 onwards, she will continue to serve as a consultant for an additional 12 months, with Jury taking the helm of both Showmax and MultiChoice’s South African operations.

Who is Yolisa Phahle?

Yolisa Phahle is a highly accomplished and influential figure in the media and entertainment industry, particularly in Africa. She currently holds the position of CEO of General Entertainment and Connected Video at MultiChoice Group, a leading entertainment company on the continent. In this role, Yolisa Phahle is responsible for implementing MultiChoice Group’s content strategy and overseeing content operations across Africa. Her remarkable leadership has been pivotal in the success of Showmax, a popular streaming service in the region. Notably, she is recognized as one of the influential women CEOs in corporate Africa, underscoring her exceptional contributions and leadership prowess.




Yolisa Phahle

Current Role:

CEO, Connected Video and General Entertainment, MultiChoice Group

Board Position:

Independent Non-Executive Director,

Phuthuma Nathi Board (B-BBEE scheme with 25% stake in MultiChoice SA)


MBA from GIBS Business School


Recognized as an influential leader in the media and entertainment industry

Professional Interests:

Media, Entertainment, Diversity, and Inclusion


Yolisa Phahle Age

Yolisa Phahle’s age is unknown. This information appears to be unavailable in publicly accessible sources. Yolisa Phahle has maintained a private profile, and her personal details have not been widely disclosed in the public domain.

Consequently, any attempt to provide her birthdate or age would be speculative and potentially inaccurate. We respect individuals’ privacy and encourage a responsible approach to the dissemination of personal information.

Yolisa Phahle Twitter

Yolisa Phahle Net Worth

There is no available information regarding Yolisa Phahle’s net worth as an African streamer. Net worth figures for individuals are often not publicly disclosed or easily accessible, especially in the case of content creators and streamers who may not have the same level of financial transparency as public figures in more traditional industries.

Yolisa Phahle’s primary focus has been on creating content and engaging with her audience, rather than publicizing her personal financial information. Therefore, any claims or estimates of her net worth would be speculative and not based on verified data.

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