Isabella Fiorentino wears R$ 2,500 ‘white for autumn’

Who said that cold days only match dark colors? “White for autumn! Is there more chic?”, He wrote Isabella Fiorentino in the caption of the video published on Instagram, on Thursday (25).

Isabella Fiorentino

Isabella Fiorentino

Photo: @isabellafiorentino/Instagram/Reproduction / They on the Red Carpet

How does Isabella Fiorentino look?

The presenter chose a knitted dress, with long sleeves, a closed neckline, braided details and polka dots. It’s from NV and is for sale by BRL 2,498. “It has a more sensual modeling, but the plot ‘casualizes’ the look and makes the result more cozy”, he commented.

It also displayed a large link chain and bracelet. “I really like white with golden accessories, it’s a very elegant composition”. Completed with a furry clutch-style bag.

“White boots can even cause strangeness, but that’s nice to get away from the obvious, which would be a pump or strappy sandal”, he said. “I think this look looks great with sneakers, despite having this sensuality,” she recommended.

Her hair was loose and slightly wavy. The makeup followed the light proposal.

Isabella Fiorentino

Isabella Fiorentino

Photo: @isabellafiorentino/Instagram/Reproduction / They on the Red Carpet

Tips to get inspired by the look

#ficaadica1: Monochrome is a trend and helps to lengthen, because there is no visual interruption.

#ficaadica2: Short girls should be careful with the length midi, which is below the knees or up to the middle of the calf, because it can flatten the silhouette. The tip is to bet on a slightly shorter piece or invest in lengthening tricks, such as a V-neck, a monochrome look and nude shoes.

#ficaadica3: When investing in the trend of the white look, pay attention if the fabric or lining really hides what shouldn’t be shown, like the panties and the bra. Skin-colored lingerie helps to avoid the problem.

#ficaadica4: the trend of light makeup and with natural air it is with all. It comes without exaggeration, preferring corrected skin and light tones in the eyes and mouth.

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