Isis Valverde shocks by revealing what she went through after the birth of her son: “Heavy months”

Mother of Rael, 4 years old, Isis Valverde stated that she feels that she has not experienced motherhood from the beginning. In conversation with Glamor magazine, the actress explained that the arrival of her son was a very big shock. “Once I saw a little thing dependent on me, I couldn’t let go. It was all intense and imprisoning. I went through a very strong period of baby blues”said the famous, talking about one of the emotional disorders that can happen to women after the birth of the baby. “I opened the window and cried because I thought of the worst things in the world. It was a very heavy three months for me, in which I only blamed myself”, he recalled. According to Isis Valverde, she lived through it all while society judged and supervised breastfeeding and every breath. “After his 10 months, my mother version was really born and I felt safer. Today, we are friends. He understands when we are alone and I need help, for example”, highlighted. The ex-global confided that in a while she wants to have another child.

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Isis Valverde talks about relationship

After many rumors and speculations, the actress said that now she can say that she is getting to know Marcus Buaiz better. According to the famous, when the news began to run on social networks, the two had not yet crossed paths. Including, Isis confessed that this made the two unite.

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