Islamist bomb attack in Hamburg foiled

HAMBURG/KEMPTEN. The Hamburg police arrested a person during a house search on suspicion of a planned explosive attack. The investigations are directed against two 28 and 24-year-old brothers from Hamburg and the Bavarian town of Kempten. The two Syrian nationals are said to have planned attacks with explosive belts for Islamist reasons, the police said.

For several weeks, the 28-year-old main accused has been buying materials suitable for the production of explosives on the online trading platform ebay. Chemical substances were also seized as evidence during the house search. His brother, who lives in Kempten, is said to have supported him. It is currently unclear whether there was already a concrete target for the attack.

Also Iranians with attack plans

The arrest came after joint investigations by the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Hamburg State Criminal Police Office. The perpetrator is accused of financing terrorism.

In January, the police in Castrop-Rauxel, North Rhine-Westphalia, arrested two Iranians who are said to have planned an Islamist-motivated attack with chemicals. Since there was no urgent suspicion against one of the accused, he was released a short time later. (lbs)

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