Israel: Renewed protests against planned judicial reform

Status: 04/29/2023 9:35 p.m

In Israel, numerous people have again protested against the planned judicial reform – according to the media, more than 160,000 people took to the streets in Tel Aviv. Soon there could be a new push to implement the reform.

Protests against the controversial judicial reform have erupted again in Israel. Numerous demonstrators gathered in Tel Aviv city center in the evening to protest against the plans of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing religious government.

“History has its eyes on you,” read one poster. Many demonstrators carried torches and Israeli flags.

According to media, more than 160,000 people attended the rally. Demonstrators also gathered in other major cities in the country.

Celebrations of the state’s 75th anniversary are overshadowed by the country’s political crisis.

New session period of Parliament

The debate about judicial reform has triggered a deep domestic and social crisis in the country. There have been unprecedented protests against the government plans since January. Tens of thousands take to the streets every Saturday, especially in Tel Aviv.

The demonstrators accuse the government of wanting to weaken the country’s independent judiciary and undermine democracy in Israel. The government’s plan aims to reduce the powers of the judiciary and the Supreme Court and strengthen the position of Parliament and the Prime Minister. Critics see the plans as a threat to democracy in Israel.

After the opening of the new parliamentary session this Sunday, renewed efforts to implement the reform are expected. An estimated 100,000 supporters of judicial reform demonstrated in Jerusalem on Thursday evening.

Up to 100,000 Israelis demonstrated in Jerusalem for the controversial judicial reform.

No agreement in talks

Netanyahu initially suspended the reform plans last month because of the protests and massive criticism. However, talks between the government and the opposition mediated by President Izchak Herzog have so far failed to reach an agreement.

According to Israeli media reports, the government first wants to approve the budget for the current and next year before taking further steps to weaken the judicial system. Should this not succeed by May 29th, there would be automatic new elections.

However, ultra-Orthodox parties are calling for the passage of a law that would de facto exempt strictly religious men from military service as a condition of their support. This caused great anger in the liberal camp. A new large-scale rally under the motto “Day of National Equality” is therefore planned for Thursday.

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