Italian writer Michela Murgia reveals she has advanced cancer

Italian writer Michela Murgia revealed this Saturday (6) that she has advanced stage kidney cancer, with metastases in her lungs, bones and brain.

“From the fourth stage there is no going back”, she declared in an interview with the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, remembering that she already had cancer “in a lung” a few years ago, but it was a very early stage”.

According to Murgia, this time, however, the cancer started in the kidney, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, she had neglected the tests, causing the disease to worsen.

The writer also explained that she is now being treated with biopharmaceutical-based immunotherapy, which does not attack the disease, but stimulates the immune system response. “The aim is not to eradicate the disease, it’s too late, but to buy time. Months, maybe many,” she said.

For Murgia, cancer is not something she has, it’s something she is, “it’s an accomplice to my complexity, not an enemy to be destroyed.” “I can’t and I don’t want to make war on my body, on myself. Cancer is one of the prices you can pay to be special. I would never call you cursed or alien.

Defining it that way would be like feeling possessed by a demon,” he added.

The writer also said that “war presupposes winners and losers” and, as she already knows the end of the story, she does not feel like a loser. “It doesn’t matter if I don’t have much time left: the important thing for me now is not to die a fascist”, declares Murgia, who defines himself as on the left.

Finally, the Italian emphasized that she is not afraid of death, but hopes to die only when Giorgia Meloni ceases to be Prime Minister of Italy, because her government is fascist.

After the publication of the interview, Meloni responded to Murgia and said that he is rooting for the artist’s recovery. “I learned from the long interview that the writer Michela Murgia suffers from a very serious illness. I never met her and never shared her thoughts, but I want to send her a hug and say that we are rooting for her. And I really hope that she can see the day when I will no longer be prime minister, as she hopes, because I intend to stay and do my job for a long time.

Strength Michela “, concluded the premier. .

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