‘it’s not for me, it’s for Brazil’

Shirt 10 of the selection goes to the sixth and last participation in worlds with mentality of ‘now or never’

Marta face the World Cup 2023 as one of the biggest career challenges. The unprecedented title is the goal of the ace. The player’s last participation in worlds has a determined mentality: it’s now or never, at least as an athlete.



Photo: Thais Magalhães (CBF/Disclosure) / Estadão

“The perfect World Cup for the Brazil it was already a good size. It is not for me. It’s for Brazil. It’s hard to think of another scenario. For me, it has to be now. If not, it won’t be with Marta playing as an athlete. It’s now or never. I’m not saying it’s missing, but since it’s in front of me, why not grab it? I’m going to do my best and leave what I have to leave on the field, but leave with the title”, he said.

The number 10 shirt of the national team gave an interview to the official FIFA website. She praised the group led by sink sundhage to Oceania. “Competition has been growing a lot. This is due to the work that has been done in women’s football across the planet. It only enhances the modality. I am happy to see competition. The team has many good and quality girls”, he analyzes. Even though the squad has the highest average age in Brazil in women’s cups, with 27.4 years old, 11 athletes are rookies in world cups.

“When I arrived at the national team when I was 15 or 16 years old, it was a very different environment. We take it more lightly today. We charge our teammates in a positive way, not going over anything to play. We want to give feedback to the younger girls, making them feel good in the national team”, says Marta.

The player admits, however, that the mission is difficult. Even though she considers the title possible, Marta is not afraid to mention other favorites. “We always talk about the United States, which is the country of football. Australia, which plays at home and has strength. Big names like Germany, which is always a lot of work. England, Holland, France, who are in our group”, he mentions.

Facing the ‘last dance’, Marta celebrates every evolution of women’s football. The player recognizes that she is part of two generations, one that sought recognition and another that has a certain return on that. Even so, the message she leaves for future athletes is for them to keep fighting for space. “Perseverance and determination. It’s years and years of struggle that are worth it. Our current generation enjoys what we started back there. And I hope that the next one can have much more opportunity and be recognized”.

Brazil debuts against Panama this Monday, the 24th, at 8 am (Brasília time), in a match valid for Group F. In a press conference, coach Pia Sundhage ensured that Marta is physically fit to play. The player came from injury and had suffered a blow to the thigh in training.

Marta participated in the last training session before the opening match.  Pia guarantees that shirt number 10 'is 100%'.

Marta participated in the last training session before the opening match. Pia guarantees that shirt number 10 ‘is 100%’.

Photo: Thais Magalhães (CBF/Disclosure) / Estadão


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