“I’ve never seen it in England”: St. Paulis Afolyan raves about Hürzeler

Happy the coach whose players sing such praises about their own coach: Oladapo Afolayan spoke highly of coach Fabian Hürzeler on Saturday before the game against Heidenheim (1-0) at Sport1.

“For me he is outstanding,” enthused the England winger, explaining: “He is very intelligent and a very tactical coach”.

FC St. Pauli: Oladapo Afolayan in praise of Fabian Hürzeler

In addition, Hürzeler has “a precise idea of ​​what he wants, how his team should play. He is very detail oriented and opened my eyes.”

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Since he came from Bolton Wanderers in winter, Afolayan has been convincing at St. Pauli across the board. This is also because Hürzeler gave him a new look at the game: “He showed me a different side of football,” says Afolayan: “One that I’ve never seen in England before.”

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