I’ve thought about ending my life countless times – Omah Lay spilled

Stanley Omah Didia, better known as Omah Lay, an award-winning Afropop artist, has stated that he considered suicide during his depression.

During a chat with H Steph, the “Soso” singer opened up about his mental health struggles and how he incorporates his battle with depression into his music.

Omah Lay stated that going through depression is divine as it allows him to help people who are now depressed.

The 25-year-old also stated that he will continue to create authentic songs based on his experiences.

He said; “I was about to… I was suicidal, Mahn. Believe me, I really sucked. But I think I have to be there to actually help the people who are there right now to get out of this place.

I mean, it takes a real person like me to go there and then make music out of it and be so open about how bad I am, how I think and how crappy I am and stuff like that.

“I’m not sure if there are any Afrobeats artists doing that right now. Everyone out there says afrobeats aren’t that deep, “afrobeats are just vibes and shit”. No. That’s why everyone just makes hype. Real music is dying.”

“My Girlfriend Told Me She Had a Girl” – Omah Lay expresses his appreciation for God

Omah Lay, a popular Afropop singer, has revealed that his girlfriend has come out as a lesbian.

The “Soso” singer said so in a post on his Instagram page, where he previously expressed his unending admiration for Tiwa Savage.

Omah Lay claims his girlfriend told him she has a boyfriend just like him as her boyfriend.

Omah Lay, overjoyed at this information, praised God for blessing Abraham.

He wrote:

“My girl just said openly that she has a girl

Dear God, Abraham does not bless such a reach.”

Recall that Omah Lay had a romantic relationship with a certain Gloria Eberechi, however the relationship didn’t last long until they broke up in September 2021.

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