Jack Ryan season 4 ending with Tom Clancy explained

Fans of the Tom Clancy novels and the hugely popular Rainbow Six video game series will no doubt be delighted with the inclusion of Domingo Chavez in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. In Clancy’s novels and video games, Chavez eventually becomes the leader of the Rainbow Assault Team, an elite special forces team operating under the CIA in the Ryanverse. The novel Rainbow Six is ​​told primarily from the perspective of Chávez’s father-in-law, John Clark, the commander of Rainbow, whose codename is Rainbow Six. However, Chavez plays a crucial role in the story as the commander of one of Rainbow’s attack teams.

Amazon has yet to announce a Rainbow Six series or any spin-off shows in the so-called Ryanverse, but many hints in the final installment point to a sequel to the franchise. While Jack resigns in the end, other supporting players like Chavez, Elizabeth Wright, James Greer and Mike November are still heavily involved with the CIA. Additionally, Jack’s final interaction with the four shows him framing the group with his hands and noting that they make a perfect team, possibly indicating that the franchise will continue without him. Interestingly, Amazon produced a 2021 film Without Remorse, also set in the Ryanverse and following John Clark, played by Michael B. Jordan. Since the two franchises were both published by Amazon Studios, there may be a possibility of crossing the two franchises in the future.

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