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Some people join OnlyF because They want money. Others join to make ends meet. Some do it because They love The game. Very few people join because They want to help. I say “few” because at least one woman Has chosen to use OnlyF to help other people. So, that’s what she said. She used to work as a kindergarten teacher In Mexico. Her name Is Ezane Pea.

Even though some people said she shouldn’t, Pea joined OnlyF to help pay for her mother’s hospital bills. In 2013, bre_st cancer was found In her mother. In 2019, The cancer moved to other parts of her body, and she was No longer able to Fight. The 25-year-old recently talked about why she doesn’t listen to criticism and why she chose to put her content on a site that only Has her content. She said, “People made fun of me for having Only-F, but I did it to pay for my mother’s cancer treatment.”

Pea said that she paid for her mother’s hospital bills In 2016, but that her pay as a kindergarten teacher Has Not changed. She went to Only-Fans to find a way to make More money.

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“I turned it on (her Only-F account) because my mom’s medications, chemotherapy, and surgery weren’t covered by Social Security,” she said.

“One of The medicines cost over 20,000 pesos (over $1,000) a month, so I was able to pay The bill and pay for her surgery.” Even though Pea’s mother died, she keeps working on OnlyF. She Is In The top 1.8% of all YouTube users, according to her biography.

Now, she wants to help her family and other people In need. She said, “I’ve decided to keep paying for my brother’s graduation and to help a woman With cancer who can’t afford chemo.”

Some heroes wear capes, and others quit their jobs as young blacksmiths so they could help people take off their clothes. I’ll let you decide what’s more important for society.

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