Jason Smith Arrested In Florida For Walking Around Naked

Jason Smith (Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office).

A Florida man was arrested March 8 for indecent exposure after a restaurant worker said she spotted him taking a naked stroll outside of the restaurant in front of multiple customers.

When Palm Beach police officers arrived to the scene, several people pointed out the suspect, later identified as Jason Smith, walking nearby. The officer said he too spotted Smith, “walking westbound with no clothing on, and with his penis fully exposed to the public,” according to the arrest report.

Officers said Smith did not know where his clothes were and refused to provide his name or date of birth. Smith was handcuffed and taken to the police station, officers said.

During the booking process, Smith eventually gave his name after multiple requests. He told officers he did not have a social security number or an identification card in any state, according to the arrest report. He did confirm with officers that, “he resided on a different earth,” the report said.

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