Jax Taylor on Complaining to Producers about Sandoval

Jax Taylor on Why He Complained to Vanderpump Rules Producers About Tom Sandoval, Talks Raquel "Practice" Lines for Show and his series with Stassi, and Sandoval's IRS issues

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JaxTaylor revealed why he had complained to him Vanderpump Rules producers about Tom Sandoval during a performance Heather McDonald‘s podcast on Tuesday.

However he spoke Rachel LevissJax apparently wrote the screenplay for her role on the Bravo show and was reportedly employed in a psychiatric facility. She took aim at Sandoval’s participation in the series and admitted to filming a previous reality show pilot with her Stassi Schroederand addressed Sandoval’s alleged money problems.

“Do you think it’s funny that Tom paid? [James Kennedy‘s] Suggestion [to Raquel]? Hasn’t he checked his finances?” Jax asked Heather on the May 16 episode Juicy ball.

According to Jax, Sandoval should have checked with his “money man” before allegedly leaving behind $20,000 for James’ now-defunct engagement to the woman he later had an affair with for months behind his now-ex’s back Ariana Madix.

“Now he’s in trouble with the IRS. “You’re paying $20,000 for someone else to propose to a girl you’ve probably already dated,” Jax guessed. “What Tom does is he looks good on TV. He uses this as a decoy. This is his MO. He does things for other people to make him look good in front of others, but he’s not really a good person.”

Though Jax didn’t elaborate on how much Sandoval allegedly owes the IRS or how he learned about the federal debt, he said he felt guilty that Ariana was financially tied to him.

“Poor Ariana has to take care of all of Tom’s taxes, liens on his house, tax debts, now she has to take care of that because she was associated with him,” he explained. “She didn’t know he took out a loan on the house to fund the restaurant he runs, which is on the brink of bankruptcy.”

While Jax and Sandoval were close friends for many years, their relationship ended years ago when Jax returned a samurai sword Sandoval had given him earlier.

“I had to return it. I just didn’t want anything from this guy,” he admitted. “He uses things against people. I put it on his patio. Nothing about him is sincere. I know this guy like the back of my hand. I’ve known him for 20 years.”

“It’s a game. It’s a show. It’s a facade. It’s not real,” he added.

He acknowledges his own past misdeeds, including cheating on his current wife Brittany CartwrightJax said what Sandoval did to Ariana was worse.

“The difference is in the way he went about it, his lack of empathy and just the whole thing. Everyone on the show cheated… But it never got that far,” he noted.

Jax also cheated on Stassi. But before they split, the couple almost starred in their own show.

“Stassi and I did a little reality show together in the Bahamas for about four days, a pilot,” Jax revealed.

Moving on to Raquel, Sandoval said that while he doesn’t know her as well as everyone else, he thinks she’s “going through some things upstairs.”

“I think maybe she needs some help,” he told Heather. “I think she’s got some issues … I think she’s got a little bit more than most and I think maybe the show made that even clearer, and I think it’s a very underwhelming show to be in.” can be, and I have a feeling she just wanted it to be accepted.”

“I have a feeling that maybe she was lost trying to figure out where she would fit into society,” Jax continued. “I think she was trying a little bit to search for herself and then she found the show and I think she was just trying to be accepted and fit in there. How can I be the most popular?”

Then he nodded to the suspicions he voiced Peter Madrigal And Dayna Kathanwho said Raquel wasn’t in a psychiatric facility but in a spa.

“I hope she doesn’t just walk into a hotel and say, ‘I have a mental illness.’ [facility]”That’s what I heard too, she’s just staying in a hotel and telling people she has mental health issues… and using that as a scapegoat, I hope that’s not the case,” he shared.

Flashback to his time with Raquel pump rulesJax said Raquel wrote the script herself.

“We caught her literally holding a script and she was rehearsing her lines, and we caught her like, ‘Read lines from a reality show, that’s actually off the cuff should be?’” he recalls. “In her defence, she was just really nervous.”

Jax then addressed his complaints to the producers about Sandoval.

“Sandoval was very like, ‘I’m not talking about mine.’ [relationship]. He never spoke about him and Ariana,” Jax explained. “And I had a fight with the production off-camera about it. “This is bullshit.” We’re on a reality show together, he always gets away with not talking about his personal stuff. He can always just scapegoat it and go to everyone else and tell everyone how to behave.”

“I’ve been saying this for years, ‘This shit ain’t fair.’ We’re all in the same boat. We all make X dollars. You too have to make an effort,’” he added.

The three-piece Vanderpump Rules The Season 10 Reunion begins next Wednesday, May 24th at 9/8c on Bravo.

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