Jax Taylor shares what he wrote to his mother amid estrangement

Jax Taylor reveals what he texted his mother after the estrangement, why he reached out and "pact" Featuring sister cutting her off and how to be a

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JaxTaylor has recently made contact with his estranged mother, Marie Cauchi.

Years after he and his sister made a “pact” to sever ties with their mother, allegedly due to an incident surrounding their father’s death in 2017, Ronald CauchiJax revealed that he had texted Marie after talking to Marie Sheana Shay and her mother Erika Van Olphenand admitted that when it comes to his and her Brittany Cartwright‘s exit in December 2020 Vanderpump Ruleshe has no regrets.

“My mental health has taken a big hit. The exercise lasted eight years. I was the show’s villain for eight years,” Jax said on the show Forever Young Podcast about Heavy. “[I was] just getting pounded.”

“I have thick skin – I have – but after a while I don’t care how thick your skin is. After eight years, it’s taking its toll. I ended up really doubting my sanity,” he continued. “I was breaking down. I cried. I ended up making a lot of stupid mistakes. I just broke down. I chose to be in this world, but I had to take a beating. It’s tough.”

A little over a year after marrying Brittany in 2019, Jax announced he was leaving pump rules. And a year later, in 2021, they welcomed their son Cruz Michael Cauchi.

Although Jax and Brittany recently starred in Peacock’s Take a look Feature showing how they react to the new season 10 episodes, they have claimed they would return pump rules if asked.

“I think now that he’s on his break – towards the end of filming Season 8 – he got a little Jaxy. I think after this break you’re ready. I’m always ready,” Brittany confirmed.

Then, in an episode of When reality hits Jax and BrittanyJax revealed via Us Weekly that Scheana’s mom convinced him to reach out to Marie.

“I haven’t spoken to my mother since my father’s funeral, which is five years ago,” Jax explained. “The reason why me [got back in touch] She turned to Erika, Scheana’s mother. She’s friends with Erika… Erika took me aside and said, ‘Hey, you need to reach your mom. What do you think of that?'”

At the time of their conversation, Jax told Erika that he would think about it and reacted emotionally to the concept.

“I just gave up,” he said. “It’s my mother. …That’s what makes me happy now. I’m sending her pictures of Cruz. It didn’t get any further than that.”

“We haven’t spoken, but we’re texting. I contacted her about three weeks ago and sent her pictures of Cruz. This is the status so far. I sent her pictures and said this: “Listen, I know we haven’t spoken but I want you to see your grandson.” And I sent her pictures,” he continued.

According to Brittany, her mother, Sherry CartwrightShe couldn’t imagine not spending time with Cruz. And she thinks Jax’s mom should try “harder” to get involved.

As for the cause of the estrangement, Jax said it was a “really touchy subject,” before noting that many “gave up” on Marie after his father’s death.

“My mother’s friends don’t talk to her anymore, her family don’t talk to her anymore,” he said.

Even his sister Jenny broke the tie. And because the two made a “pact” not to communicate with her, he contacted Jenny before speaking to Marie.

“My heart is breaking. I know we don’t get along and that sucks,” Jax shared. “I wish we could just put this down and move on. I hope that maybe one day we’ll make it. Life is so damn short. It’s so short to waste all your time not spending it with my mom. I lost my dad and eventually one day my mom won’t be around so I just feel like I have to do something.”

After some back-and-forth, Jax said he finally decided to reconnect with his mother for Cruz.

“She deserves to see him, she deserves to see him grow,” he explained. “I’m working on it. Family is a difficult thing… I’m trying now. I text, we send pictures back and forth. She doesn’t reply as often as I would have hoped, but she does reply.”

The Vanderpump Rules The season 10 finale airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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