Jay-Z’s alleged son Rymir Satterthwaite details his mother’s affair

Rymir SatterthwaiteJay-Z’s alleged 30-year-old son, has revealed NEW details about his mother Wanda Satterthwaite’s alleged 1992 romance with the rapper.

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Thanks to a signed affidavit from Rymir in 2015 daily mail, We have more details on the alleged affair. Wanda claims they met at a time when the world-famous rapper was known by the nickname “Roc”. The documents say Jay-Z — born Shawn Carter — met Wanda in Philadelphia through her friend Kaleesha Allen. She also signed the affidavit as the only eyewitness to the alleged encounter.

When Wanda was 16, she went by the pseudonyms “Carmel” and “Precious”. She explained in the document that the “Hard Knock Life” rapper was six years her senior when they allegedly met. According to Wanda, they had intercourse at his aunt’s home in Brooklyn.

The document, signed by a notary in New Jersey on February 25, 2015, begins “Affidavit of Relationship between Wanda Satterthwaite and Shawn Carter.”

Rymir’s mother wrote: “I, Wanda Satterthwaite, am writing these allegations about my relationship with Shawn C. Carter. I met Shawn Corey Carter in the fall of 1992 and he identified himself as “Rock” through my friend Kaleesha Allen. [an] eyewitness.

“Mr. Carter and a friend came to Philadelphia to pick me and Kaleesha up at the 24th and Bolton St. area of ​​Philadelphia,” Wanda recalled.

Though over 30 years had passed, Wanda reportedly described the two-bedroom apartment Hov allegedly drove her to and the exact fit he wore.

“Shawn was wearing a black Woolrich hoodie and hat and his hair was in a little afro, but when we left his aunt’s house he put on a black leather jacket.”

Upon reaching the apartment, Wanda said the group “drank, talked, and danced” before her “friend went into the room with Shawn’s friend, and [she] went with Shawn [to the other room].”

Wanda claimed that even though “Shawn and I had protected sex,” the condom “broke.” She added that she only saw Jay-Z once more. Wanda claimed to have returned “two weeks later” with his unnamed boyfriend to see her and Allen.

“Shawn asked me to go with him but I told him I couldn’t because my mom would be upset,” Wanda explained. “I didn’t see him again until a year later on TV, but I didn’t find out his real name until later and didn’t know how to contact him.”

Jay-Z’s team denied Rymir’s paternity for 10 years

As previously reported, Wanda died of heart failure at the age of 43 and fought courts to prove Rymir’s paternity until her death in 2019.

Prior to her transformation, the adamant mother gave her son’s godmother Lillie custody of Rymir, who in 2012 lobbied for Jay-Z to submit his DNA for testing on Wanda’s behalf.

The ‘Hard Knock Life’ rapper’s lawyers have been denying Rymir’s paternity for nearly a decade.

Amidst Jay and Wanda’s affair, she maintained an on-going relationship with her high school friend Robert Graves. Wanda never shared her famous affair with Robert, who signed Rymir’s birth certificate.

However, Wanda later admitted the truth when Rymir started to resemble Jigga more than Robert. During a DNA test after the legal battle began, they determined that Robert is not Rymir’s biological father. She promptly removed his name from the birth certificate.

Jay-Z has been married to international superstar Beyoncé for 15 years and they have three children together: Blue Ivy, 11, and twins Rumi and Sir, five.

Jigga, just take the test.

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